Are ceiling medallions out of style?

Are ceiling medallions out of style?

Today’s artisans are crafting a wide range of styles well beyond the traditional styles most people expect. While always a classic, the ceiling medallion is once again fashionable in modern-day home design.” Gigi Lombrano, Gigi Lombrano Interiors. “Ceiling medallions are classic!

What color should ceiling medallion be?

Medallions are commonly painted white. White truly is always right. However, paint is also another great transforming feature with these flexible works of ceiling art. Consider painting a medallion a faux gold gilt, or painting it the same color as the trim for a unified look.

What is the ring around a ceiling light called?

While ornamental details like cornice or crown moulding may frame a room, a ceiling medallion commands even more attention overhead, as a centerpiece surrounding a hanging light fixture.

Should ceiling medallions match?

Ceiling medallions can be painted to match the ceiling color, trim color, a favorite piece of furniture, or the overall theme of a room. Because they are sometimes thought of as old-fashioned or regal, a finish can also give them an antique look.

Do I need a ceiling medallion?

Ceiling Height Ceiling medallions are generally intended for rooms with high ceilings. A good rule of thumb is that the higher the ceiling, the larger the medallion should be. So a really tall two-story ceiling will require a large medallion, unless its dimensions for length and width are small.

When should you use a ceiling medallion?

Today, ceiling medallions are still popular for large rooms in more stately homes and are especially useful as a transition between a hanging ceiling fixture and a plain ceiling surface. They are also useful for purely practical reasons—to cover the light fixture’s ceiling box.

Should all ceiling medallions match?

Remember that the medallion is an architectural feature and should be matched to the style of the room. If the other moldings or trim work in the room have identifiable motifs, try to match these in your ceiling medallion.

What do you do with ceiling medallions?

9 Decorative Ways To Use Ceiling Medallions That Have Nothing To Do With Ceilings

  1. Door Decoration. Medallions are made to surround a fixture, so why not have it surround a doorknob to give your door one elegant upgrade?
  2. Wall Décor.
  3. Clock.
  4. Monogrammed Medallion.
  5. Picture Frame.
  6. Accent Wall.
  7. Mirror.
  8. Wreath.

What is a ceiling medallion canopy?

At its most basic, a ceiling medallion is a decorative element that dresses-up and enhances the area around the ceiling canopy, where the wiring for a chandelier or other fixture enters the ceiling junction box.

What can I do with old ceiling medallions?

9 magnificent ways to repurpose an old ceiling medallion

  1. Ceiling medalion monogram.
  2. Build an accent table out of it.
  3. Ceiling medallion wreath.
  4. Framed ceiling medallions.
  5. Upgraded closet doors.
  6. Mirrored wall hangings.
  7. Ceiling medallion mirror.
  8. Ceiling medallion clock.