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Are ChiaoGoo needles worth it?

Are ChiaoGoo needles worth it?

The needles feel really good to knit with and the cables are nice and flexible and don’t stay in that annoying curled shape. I’ve had them for about 4 months now and haven’t had any problems with tips staying on tight. The size range is perfect for 99% of the projects I make. Two very minor complaints.

Are ChiaoGoo needles sharp?

It is also worth mentioning that the taper of ChiaoGoo needles is a bit differently shaped than Hiya Hiya’s. It is almost rounded at the top and not sharp like a sewing needle.

What are the best sock knitting needles?

I find Magic loop to be the most versatile and the best needle choice for socks knit on the go. With Magic Loop only a single circular needle with an 80 cm cable is needed for the whole sock and it is one of the most secure methods for transporting your work in progress.

Who makes ChiaoGoo needles?

Westing Bridge LLC
Westing Bridge LLC is a family-owned business that was started by four brothers. Its ChiaoGoo brand knitting and crochet tools are designed and distributed in Troy, Michigan. Its manufacturing facility is based in Hangzhou, China.

Is ChiaoGoo a good brand?

ChiaoGoo produces in surgical stainless steel with no coating. The finish is thus very smooth but still offers quite a bit of grip. They are not the best knitting needle for speed knitting but they are extremely durable, despite being hollow and very light (note: the very small sizes are solid).

What is the difference between ChiaoGoo twist and spin?

What is the difference between the SPIN™ and TWIST™ interchangeables? The SPIN™ interchangeables have bamboo tips and a clear, nylon cable that allows the tips to “spin” or swivel freely. The TWIST™ interchangeables have surgical stainless steel, lace tips and come with a memory-free, multi-strand steel cable.

Are ChiaoGoo twist and spin interchangeable?

ChiaoGoo currently offers both its Twist and Spin interchangeables in three kinds of sets: You can get all the needles in the Complete kit, which is shown and reviewed here. Or you can get the Small or Large sets, each essentially the small or large-sized half of the Complete kit. Each needle tip measures 5″ (13cm).

What are ChiaoGoo needles made of?

Chinese Moso bamboo
ChiaoGoo needles and hooks are made from Chinese Moso bamboo.

Can you use circular needles for socks?

Have you tried knitting socks on two circular needles? Yes, it’s possible! And it may be easier for you if you have trouble working with double-pointed needles (dpns). It’s also an excellent skill to have in your back pocket when you really want to make that sock pattern, but the dpns are busy with another project.

Why do you get ChiaoGoo needles?

ChiaoGoo Needles – SPIN Cables Needles To ensure your tip-to-cable connection is secure, just insert the T-shaped tightening key into the lifeline hole, and you’re good to go! Pair these with your ChiaoGoo TWIST Lace Tips of the correct coordinating size to get to swiveling!

Does ChiaoGoo make straight needles?

ChiaoGoo also has straight needles in two shades of Bamboo (Natural and Patina) and wood in a number of lengths: 7”, 9”, 12”, and 13”.

What are the best knitting needles for lace?

1. ChiaoGoo Twist Red Lace Interchangeable Complete Knitting Needle Set. ChiaoGoo is one of the best companies for needles, and that doesn’t change with this set. Based off of customer valuations and it’s perfect Amazon rating, these are some of the best knitting needles for lace. Hangzhou China is the production meca for ChiaoGoo.

How do you use a circular needle in knitting?

Knitting on circular needles is similar to regular knitting and involves casting on and knitting according to the pattern. When you come to the end of a row, you will join the row to knit in a round. Knitting on circular needles allows you to make tubes of fabric such as bags and sweaters without seams, and it can also be used for flat knitting.

What is the smallest size circular knitting needle?

The smallest sizes, 0 through 3, are usually made of steel. In addition to the size of the needles, the sizes of circular needles also include a length, typically 29 inches or 80 cm, but circular needles with lengths of 16″, 20″, 24″ and 32″ are also made.

What are the sizes of circular knitting needles?

Circular needles are available in most ordinary sizes, with cable lengths of 16, 20, 24, 29, and 36 inches. Use a length that comfortably holds the number of stitches you are using. Circular needles are used for seamless, knit-in-the-round items, but they can be used to knit flat pieces as well.