Are there still Tribes Ascend servers?

Are there still Tribes Ascend servers?

Not so: You can still play Tribes: Ascend, even though it’s delisted from Steam. It won’t show up in searches, but the Steam page is still there and you can add it to your library and download it.

Is Tribes Ascend coming back?

Tribes: Ascend, the multiplayer shooter revived by Hi-Rez Studios, has once again come to an end. Hi-Rez, maker of popular MOBA Smite and the recently-released hero shooter Paladins, breathed new life into Tribes: Ascend with a patch released back in January 2016.

Where can I play Tribes Ascend?

Tribes: Ascend is Now Available on Steam! Tribes: Ascend is the world’s fastest shooter – a high-adrenaline, online multiplayer FPS with jetpacks, skiing, vehicles, and multiple classes. The classic shooter franchise Tribes has been played by well over 1 million people.

How many people are playing Tribes Ascend?

Tribes: Ascend

Month Avg. Players % Gain
Last 30 Days 6.8 +31.38%
December 2021 5.2 -17.91%
November 2021 6.3 +4.40%
October 2021 6.0 -18.92%

Can you still play Tribes 2?

It is still fun to play, and the proof is that people are still playing it. The best part is that you can play with them too- and for free. Gameplay. Tribes 2 is a first-person shooter, so you already know what to expect.

How many people are playing midair?


Month Avg. Players % Gain
June 2020 1.0 +26.59%
May 2020 0.8 -65.79%
April 2020 2.3 -74.56%
March 2020 8.8 +43.56%

Do people play tribes?

According to Steamcharts, Tribes of Midgard has a total of 16k to 15k players who are playing active right now and within a 24-hour cycle. That’s a decent player base, considering Tribes of Midgard is an Indie studio.

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