Can Brother ink cartridges be refilled?

Can Brother ink cartridges be refilled?

The most crucial step in refilling your Brother ink cartridges is making sure to buy the right ink refill kit. Not only should your refill kit include the correct ink, but it should also have the right tools to make the process as smooth as possible.

How do you trick Brother ink cartridges?

A simple trick on many Brother printers showing a “low toner” warning is to simply pop the cartridge out of the printer, wait a moment, and push it back in. This resets the printer memory and tells the machine to “look again” at toner levels. This can allow you to get more out of your Brother toner cartridge.

What ink is compatible with Brother LC61?

High Performance:

LC61 65XL Ink Cartridges (14 Pack)
Compatible Brand BrotherLC61 65XL Ink Cartridges (14 Pack)
Combo 5 Black, 3 Cyan, 3 Magenta, 3 Yellow
Item Weight 1.25 pounds
Page Yield 450 pages per Black cartridge 325 Pages per color cartridge (at 5% coverage)

Can I override Brother printer cartridge empty?

If the LCD displays “No Cartridge”, there is a possibility that ink cartridges other than ones you replaced are empty. * If your Brother machine does not have the Ink or Ink Management key on the control panel, please press Menu. Press the Up or Down arrow key to select Ink or Ink Management, and then press OK.

How can I get my Brother printer to print without replacing the color?

  1. Open Printing Preferences.
  2. Click the Basic tab and choose Plain Paper in Media Type.
  3. Click the Advanced tab.
  4. Click the radio button Grayscale or Greyscale.
  5. Click Apply -> OK.
  6. Delete any remaining jobs from the print queue of your computer.
  7. Press.
  8. Now you can use the machine as a B&W Printer.