Can I skate in London?

Can I skate in London?

London is known for its narrow, jagged pavements. That’s why it is tough to find a suitable spot for skateboarding. But, Canada Water is just the opposite of what you expect. Its wide-open space, along with smooth roads makes a perfect combination for skaters.

How many skateparks are in the UK?

1600 skateparks
Skatepark Finder is the UK’s largest skatepark database and directory, containing the information of over 1600 skateparks.

Can you skate in Hyde Park?

Skaters may use park roads that are open to other vehicles, unless prohibited to do so. There are other areas of the parks where skating is permitted as follows: Hyde Park – on the roads including Serpentine Road and on permitted cycle routes.

Can you Rollerblade in Hyde Park?

Where can I find information about skateparks in London?

The Skateparks Project’s guide to London skateparks offers information about every officially designated skate spot in Greater London. With local knowledge provided by local skaters and riders, you can now search and browse park details, photos, locations and other useful information about every skatepark in London.

Where are the best skate parks in Peckham?

This skate park can be found hidden away in a corner of Peckham Rye Park and is the standard, council […] Pinkwell Park Skatepark is a metal park on tarmac base. A spacious park situated in Pole Hill Open Space made up of metal ramps on a concrete base. At one […]

What are the best indoor skateparks in Harrow?

Harrow Lodge Skatepark is one of two skateparks located within Harrow Lodge Park. It consists of metal ramps and features […] Opened in July 1978, Harrow skatepark was one of the first bowl parks to be opened in the UK and […] Hop Kingdom is a free indoors skatepark built by Hop King.

Where are the best skateparks in Edmonton?

It features a […] Edmonton skatepark (also known as A10 Skatepark) is quite an old council built skatepark, however it remains in quite good […] Located next to the tennis courts in Finsbury Park, Finsbury Park Skatepark is a simple, nicely designed concrete skatepark.