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Can I use Ikea PAX for pantry?

Can I use Ikea PAX for pantry?

#ikea #pax #kitchen #ikeapaxkitchen Ikea Pax Wardrobe used as a kitchen pantry, but I’d install drawers for most of the shelving… deep shelves like that can make finding stuff challenging. deep shelves like that can make finding stuff challenging.

Can you use Billy bookcase for pantry?

For those who have extra height in their kitchen, or just need a little more storage space, you’re in luck! Ikea makes an extension piece that sits on top of the Billy bookcase. There’s even a special door for the Billy bookcase extension if you are going to do a freestanding pantry with doors.

How can I access my pantry without a pantry?

10 No Pantry Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

  1. Repurpose a bookshelf.
  2. Use a rolling pantry.
  3. Hang open shelving on blank wall space.
  4. Use a Cabidor Storage Cupboard.
  5. Invest in stackable storage containers.
  6. Make a pantry in another room.
  7. Get a stacking can dispenser.
  8. Build a pantry between the studs.

How do you make a Pax look built in?

The IKEA Pax Hack – Building It In:

  1. Step 1: Cut out Baseboard. The first step to customizing the wardrobe like this is to pull it out from the wall and cut out the baseboard.
  2. Step 2: Measure and Cut Filler Pieces.
  3. Step 3: Drywall.
  4. Step 4: Caulk Around Edges.

Is Billy bookcase free standing?

If you need more storage in your kitchen, create your own Ikea pantry cabinet! Here’s exactly how we turned a Billy bookcase into a freestanding pantry.

What can I use if I don’t have a kitchen pantry?

8 Smart Ways to Create a Pantry in Even the Tiniest Kitchen

  1. Repurpose a bookshelf.
  2. Go between the studs.
  3. Use your wall.
  4. Slide it next to the fridge.
  5. Rethink the coat closet.
  6. Hang dry goods from your upper cabinets.
  7. Devote a cabinet.
  8. Hang shelves anywhere you can.

Is this IKEA kitchen hack sturdy enough for a pantry?

This hack works perfectly as a pantry AND is cheaper than traditional Ikea kitchen pantry cabinets. And if your wondering if it’s sturdy enough for daily pantry usage – I built this hack 7 years ago, and it still stands strong to everyday use in our kitchen!

How much do IKEA pantry cabinets cost?

As lovely as they are, the Ikea pantry cabinets in the kitchen section are expensive. The Sektion cabinets start at almost $400..for a 15” wide pantry! In contrast, you can get a 15” Billy bookcase with a door for just under $100 ($49 for the 15” shelf itself and another $50 for the door).

What is the best IKEA bookcase for a pantry?

The Billy bookcase is one of the tallest Ikea bookcases, yet has a slim and narrow profile. This tall-narrow characteristic, makes it perfect for small spaces and make great corner pantries. To make this bookcase look more like a pantry cabinet, you can buy a door that easily attaches to it.

How can I make a small pantry look like a Million Bucks?

The addition of crown molding makes the whole thing look like a million bucks (despite being done on a budget). If you have a small space that might not have a natural spot for a full pantry, make like Jessica, from the blog Petal and Ply, and utilize IKEA’s KALLAX cubby system to make a mini storage pantry.