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Can we create a branch from a commit in git?

Can we create a branch from a commit in git?

First, checkout the branch that you want to take the specific commit to make a new branch. Then look at the toolbar, select Repository > Branch the shortcut is Command + Shift + B. And select the specific commit you want to take. And give a new branch name then create a branch!

How do you make a commit to a branch?

First, checkout to your new branch. Then, add all the files you want to commit to staging. Lastly, commit all the files you just added. You might want to do a git push origin your-new-branch afterwards, so your changes show up on the remote.

How do you create a branch from a commit in Gitlab?

Steps to reproduce

  1. go to any project,
  2. select “Repository” tab.
  3. select “Branches” subtab.
  4. click “New branch” button.
  5. try to input commit SHA into “Create from” field.

How do I create a new branch in git?

The git branch command can be used to create a new branch. When you want to start a new feature, you create a new branch off main using git branch new_branch . Once created you can then use git checkout new_branch to switch to that branch.

How do I create a branch from another branch?

Create a Branch

  1. Create branch when master branch is checked out. Here commits in master will be synced to the branch you created. $ git branch branch1.
  2. Create branch when branch1 is checked out . Here commits in branch1 will be synced to branch2. $ git branch branch2.

How do I create a PR branch?


  1. Find a project you want to contribute to.
  2. Fork it.
  3. Clone it to your local system.
  4. Make a new branch.
  5. Make your changes.
  6. Push it back to your repo.
  7. Click the Compare & pull request button.
  8. Click Create pull request to open a new pull request.

How do you create a feature branch?

Feature branch workflow all tiers

  1. Clone project: git clone [email protected]:project-name.git.
  2. Create branch with your feature: git checkout -b feature_name.
  3. Write code.
  4. Push your branch to GitLab:
  5. Review your code on commits page.
  6. Create a merge request.
  7. Your team lead reviews the code and merges it to the main branch.

How do I checkout a branch?

Using Git to checkout a branch on the command line

  1. Change to the root of the local repository. $ cd
  2. List all your branches: $ git branch -a.
  3. Checkout the branch you want to use. $ git checkout
  4. Confirm you are now working on that branch: $ git branch.

How do I create a branch in GitHub?

Click Create Branch.

  1. At the top of the app, click Current Branch and then in the list of branches, click the branch that you want to base your new branch on.
  2. Click New Branch.
  3. Under Name, type the name of the new branch.
  4. Use the drop-down to choose a base branch for your new branch.
  5. Click Create Branch.

How to create a new branch in Git?

Create New Branch: Use -b switch to create new branch with ‘git checkout’ command’.

  • List Branches: This will list all branches used in current working git repository.
  • Switch to Other Branch: Use the following command to switch to any other branch.
  • Push New Branch: Now push your newly created branch ‘ stage1 ‘ to remote git repository.
  • What is the Git command to create a branch?

    In Git, a branch is a separate line of development. New branches are created with the git branch command. When a programmer fixes a bug or adds a new feature, he or she creates a new branch to make the changes in a safe way, without threatening existing, working code.

    How does Git merge two branches automatically?

    For that: Open the Terminal if you are on Linux or Mac and open the GitBash if you are on Windows. Change the current directory of working to your local project. In this step, we will be ” checking out ” the branch to which we want the other branch to merge. It is important that we pull the desired branch from the upstream repository.

    The easiest way to create a new branch is through the GitHub web interface. Go to and sign in. Select your repository. Select the branch you want to branch from (most likely the master). Select the branch dropdown menu.