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Can you convert RS232 to RS485?

Can you convert RS232 to RS485?

RS232 to RS485 converter provide conversion between serial networks and other media. They can transparently convert RS232 signals to RS485 signals and vice versa without changing the PC’s hardware or software.

What is difference between RS232 and RS485?

RS232 is more than able to perform for a short distance and low data speed requirements. RS232 has a transmission speed of 1Mb/s up to 15M. However, RS485 has a data transmission speed of up to 10Mb/s for a distance of 15M. At the maximum of 1200M, RS485 transmits at 100Kb/s.

What is an RS485 cable?

What is RS-485? RS-485 is an industrial specification that defines the electrical interface and physical layer for point-to-point communication of electrical devices. The RS-485 standard allows for long cabling distances in electrically noisy environments and can support multiple devices on the same bus.

What is RS232 protocol?

RS232 is a standard protocol used for serial communication, it is used for connecting computer and its peripheral devices to allow serial data exchange between them. As EIA defines, the RS232 is used for connecting Data Transmission Equipment (DTE) and Data Communication Equipment (DCE).

What is an RS-232 cable used for?

While USB has become the standard, RS232 is still widely used for older printers in the workplace. The RS232 protocol and cable allow the computer to give commands to the printer via a voltage signal. The printer then deciphers those commands and completes the print.

What is the difference between RS232 and Ethernet?

Main Differences Between RJ45 and RS232 RJ45 is the standard connector for Ethernet networks, but RS232 is used for serial connections. RJ45 supports 8 pins, but RS232 supports 9 pins. RJ45 port is smaller than RS232 port. RJ45 is used as an interface, but RS232 is used in industrial applications.

What devices use RS232?

A serial port complying with the RS-232 standard was once a standard feature of many types of computers. Personal computers used them for connections not only to modems, but also to printers, computer mice, data storage, uninterruptible power supplies, and other peripheral devices.

What is this RS232 to RS-485 / RS422 converter?

This bi-directional combined RS-232 to RS-485 / RS-422 converter is a solid commercial and industrial grade converter. It converts RS-232 signals to half-duplex RS-485 balanced differential signals or RS-422 full-duplex. With its surge protected… This is an industrial grade and optically isolated RS232 to RS485 / RS422 converter.

What is the con-485-pe9 RS485 converter?

The CON-485-PE9 is a high quality port powered bi-directional RS232 to RS485 converter with 15KV ESD and 600W surge protection in a 9 pin format. This converter features two terminal blocks, one for rugged applications and the other with selectable optional built-in 120 Ohm termination for maximum flexibility and reliability.

What is the con-485/422-Rep?

The CON-485/422-REP is a rugged industrial-grade high quality external powered bi-directional 3KV isolated RS232 to RS485 or RS422 adapter with 15KV ESD and 600W surge protection. It is also a bidirectional RS-485 to RS422 converter or RS485 or RS422 isolator / repeater.

Can the RS232 power the con-485/422-ee9?

The unit is not reliant on port power so you do not have to worry about the RS232’s ability to power the converter. The CON-485/422-EE9 has a db-9 female connector on the RS232 serial port, and either a db-9 male connector, RJ45 female connector or terminal block with built-in 120 Ohm termination option.