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Can you surf in Margaret River?

Can you surf in Margaret River?

Whatever your level of surfing ability, the Margaret River region offers plenty of diverse surf spots – from gentle beach breaks, challenging open ocean big wave spots to world-class reef breaks.

How big are the waves in Margaret River?

Current Surf Report for Margaret River Current Conditions

Low 7:19AM 0.75ft
High 11:05PM 2.46ft

Where is Margaret River surf?

The town and the wave is Margaret River. Found on the south western tip of Australia, since the 1960s the town has attracted surfers to explore its incredible coastline, which led to the discovery of the Margaret River’s main wave.

What beach is the Margaret River pro at?

The tour consists of 10 events in seven countries with the first two events held in Hawaii, followed by stops in Portugal and Bells Beach in Victoria, Australia.

Is there surf in Busselton?

Surfing Info Busselton is not known as a surfing beach.

What kind of break is Margaret River?

Located at Surfers Point, this iconic reef break is famous for its big waves and solid swells. The left-hand reef break is several hundred meters offshore and is surfed on swells up to 4 meters. On bigger days it is definitely for advanced and experienced surfers only.

Is Margaret River Pro still on?

The Margaret River Pro, to be held from April 24 to May 4, is one of only two Australian events on the prestigious 2022 Championship Tour schedule, announced today. The Margaret River Pro has been held in Margaret River in various forms since 1985 and supported by the State Government since 1999.

Who won Margaret pro?


Year Winner Score
2019 John John Florence 18.50
2017 John John Florence 19.03
2016 Sebastian Zietz 17.40
2015 Adriano De Souza 17.53

Can you swim at Busselton beach?

Beach Information This is a relatively safe beach under normal conditions. A tidal swimming enclosure is located just west of the jetty, otherwise people swim all along the beach.