Do they still make Landini tractors?

Do they still make Landini tractors?

Giovanni Landini’s sons took over the business and saw the completion of the tractor project….Landini (tractor)

Type Subsidiary
Founder Giovanni Landini
Headquarters Fabbrico, Province of Reggio Emilia, Emilia-Romagna , Italy
Number of locations 4 plants
Area served Worldwide

Are Landini and McCormick the same?

Argo Tractors (a company of the Argo Industrial Group based in Fabbrico, Italy) produces tractors under the Landini, McCormick and Valpadana brands.

Where are Landini tractors manufactured?

northern Italy
Landini. Components are manufactured and assembled at three Argo Tractors plants in northern Italy, where powershift and CVT transaxles and front axles for all models up to 140hp are built in-house.

Who makes McCormick tractor?

McCormick is a subsidiary of ARGO SpA. In December 2006, ARGO SpA announced that the Doncaster facility was to close with the loss of around 325 jobs.

Where are Landini tractors made?

Landini SpA, headquartered in Fabbrico, Italy, was founded by Giovanni Landini in 1884 to produce agricultural equipment. Landini had just started making tractors in 1925 when Giovanni died preventing the completion of the first prototype tractor.

Is Landini owned by AGCO?

1989 Landini became a part of ARGO SpA as Massey Ferguson sold 66% of the company. Massey itself was bought by AGCO in 1994, while ARGO purchased more shares of Landini that year. The final 9% of Landini that was owned by AGCO was bought by ARGO in 2000.

When did Landini make the first tractor with a 40 hp engine?

It was a success and was the forerunner of the viable range of Landini 40 and 50 hp models which appeared in the mid-1930s and were to become renowned under the names of Velite, Bufalo, and Super. The first production tractors were powered by a 40 hp semi-diesel engine which was a two stroke single-cylinder unit.