Do zoella and Alfie live in Brighton?

Do zoella and Alfie live in Brighton?

Brighton and its surrounding Sussex towns are a favourite for YouTube stars, with many living around the city. It’s no different for YouTuber Zoella, real name Zoe Sugg, and her fellow vlogger boyfriend Alfie Deyes. The pair have been living together in and around Brighton and Hove for over five years.

Is Zoe Sugg still friends with Louise Pentland?

We can all calm down, Louise Pentland has reassured fans that she is still friends with the original British YouTube crew, which features the likes of Zoe Sugg and Marcus Butler, following rumours the group had drifted apart.

Are Alfie and zoella still together 2021?

Sugg has been in a relationship with fellow vlogger Alfie Deyes since early October 2012. The couple’s relationship was first revealed to the public in a blog post by Sugg in August 2013. Sugg has lived in Brighton, East Sussex, since 2013 with Deyes. Sugg and Deyes have one child, born in August 2021.

Are Zoe and Alfie together?

The popular YouTube couple – endearingly known as “Zalfie” amongst fans – has been together for over eight years, meeting at a party in 2012. “It feels like only a few months ago that I was at a party in London telling a friend that I ‘thought that girl over there’ was hot,” Alfie wrote on Instagram in 2019.

Where do Zoe and Alfie live in Brighton?

They previously lived in an apartment on Hove seafront before moving to a big house in Dyke Road. They moved to their current pad around three years ago.

Are Zoe Sugg and Alfie deyes getting married?

Did Zoella and Alfie get married? Though Alfie often sports a band on his left ring finger (and Zoë has a tendency to wear multiple rings as well), the two have not shared that they’ve gotten married.

Is Zoe Sugg and Alfie deyes pregnant?

The couple announced that Zoe was pregnant and expecting a baby girl in March of this year with a heart-warming video montage of Zoe at her ultrasound scan, showing her blossoming baby bump. In the caption, the pair wrote, ‘We’re super excited to share with you, that our baby girl will be joining us in September 💕👶🏼.

How much money does Zoella make?

According to popular social media analytics website Social Blade, on her main Zoella YouTube channel the star earns between £1,100 and £15,700 a year on advert revenue on her videos, and between £9,600 and £153,100 a year on ad revenue on her secondary channel MoreZoella.

Where do Zoella and Alfie Deyes live in Brighton?

MULTI-Millionaire YouTube stars Zoella and Alfie Deyes have shared a video tour showing inside their new £2 million office space in Brighton . The couple reportedly splashed £1.9 million on the building in the North Laine district and have been given permission to convert it into a commercial office space.

Who is Zoe Sugg’s boyfriend Alfie Deyes?

Blogger Zoella, real name Zoe Sugg, is expecting her first baby with boyfriend Alfie Deyes so we’re taking a look back at their complete relationship timeline. Zoe Sugg, aka Zoella, 30, and boyfriend Alfie Deyes, 27, announced they’re expecting their first baby after nine years together – happy news fans are so excited about.

What makes Zoe and Alfie’s house so special?

Zoe and Alfie’s home just screams Instagram influencer (no surprise, there) with its chic interior, fresh flowers and bright and airy colours. The bathroom is one of our favourites, with its huge chrome tub and bath rack to hold those all important scented candles, cups of tea, maybe a glass of Pinot and in Zoe’s case, a good read.

Where is Zoe Sugg living during lockdown?

Zoe Sugg is currently spending lockdown at home with boyfriend Alfie Deyes in their five-bedroom Brighton pad during the coronavirus pandemic and it sure is a house of dreams.