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Does a Peugeot 308 diesel have a timing belt or chain?

Does a Peugeot 308 diesel have a timing belt or chain?

Is the Peugeot 308 diesel chain or cambelt driven? sorry found the answer on the review page . It’s belt.

Is Peugeot 308 2008 a reliable car?

Owners generally praise the quality of the fit and finish of the 308, and appear impressed with the reliability and driveability. They also praise the performance and feel of the brakes, but are not quite as impressed when they have to replace rotors at around 40,000 km, which seems to be their average life.

How often do you change a timing belt on a Peugeot 308?

So the suggested intervals are from 50k miles/4 years, all the way up to 120k miles/9 years.

Is Peugeot 308 a good used car?

Peugeot’s 308 was yet another family hatchback that emerged amid talk of finely-honed driving dynamics and lively performance. It even appeared to have the striking looks to back it all up. In reality though, this was a car with strengths that lay elsewhere and on the used market, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Is Peugeot’s 308 Coupe Cabriolet too macho for men over 40?

But Peugeot Automobiles Australia marketing manager Richard Grant insists the new 308-based coupe cabriolet has more macho styling that will attract more male buyers aged over 40. Sure, it features some bulging panels and sporty rear diffusers, but it retains the 308 grille and headlights which have a more feminine look.

How much space is in a Ford 308 SW?

As a seven-seat MPV, the 308 SW trails the pack but as a five-seat estate with some extra kids’ space, it’s much more competitive. With the rear seats in place, there’s 674 litres under the rear load cover, while with the rear seats removed, there’s a massive 2,149 litres up to roof level.

How much luggage space is in a Peugeot 308?

The rear of the 308 has more of a bulbous look to it, helping to maximise luggage space that runs to 430 litres and can be extended to 1,398 litres by folding the rear seats. If you need more room, the SW estate version has up to 2,149 litres of space.