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Does ant still do Wheeler Dealers?

Does ant still do Wheeler Dealers?

However, Wheeler Dealers moved back to the U.K., but Ant decided not to return with it. He broke the news to Wheeler Dealers fans online, informing them that his tenure with the series was officially over: “My time on Wheeler Dealers has come to an end as the show heads back to the U.K.”

What happened to Wheeler Dealers TV show?

After six years based in the USA, Wheeler Dealers is returning to its homeland. Host Mike Brewer has confirmed series 17 will be filmed in the UK at a workshop near Bicester Heritage, with the move triggering a mechanic change. Ant Anstead, who replaced Edd China in 2017, will no longer be a series regular.

Is Ant Anstead a real mechanic?

Despite the relationships and heartbreaks from his personal life, Anstead can’t have his work taken from him. As a Master mechanic in his own right, Anstead can look forward to the future of car-related TV and find his own place.

What really happened between ant and Christina?

According to the documents, Christina and Ant both opted out of spousal support and agreed to each pay their own attorney’s fees. Christina cited the reason behind their divorce as “irreconcilable differences.” This custody news came one day after Christina clapped back at “absent mother” claims made against her.

What happened to ant Ansteads arm?

The British TV presenter revealed he had been in an accident with a post he shared on Instagram. Ant looked rough and ready with a mechanical car part in his hand and a bandage on his left wrist.

Did Christina sell her house?

Newport Beach, Calif. Following their split in September 2020, Haack continued to live there until they listed it for $6 million in April. It sold for $5.35 million in June.

What is the Wheeler Dealers show?

The show is presented by Mike Brewer – the dealer and Edd China – the mechanic. Mike buys and sells the cars and tracks down some parts needed and gives some consumer advice while Edd takes care of the car and wonderfully explains everything he does. Wheeler dealers is not very popular show and is mostly known by real car enthusiasts.

What’s the name of the TV show about used cars?

In the ever-expanding desire for shows about cars, it’s only natural that eventually a show was going to be made about used cars. It’s called “Carfellas”. Corny but somewhat entertaining. 32.

Who are the presenters of the Great British car show?

The programme is fronted by car enthusiast and former dealer Mike Brewer. Edd China was the show’s mechanic from (Series 1-13) (2003-2017). Ant Anstead took over from Edd China from (Series 14-16) (2017-2021).

Who is the front man on Wheeler Dealers?

External links. Website. Wheeler Dealers is a British television series originally produced by Attaboy TV for the Discovery Channel in the UK and Motor Trend in the U.S. The programme is fronted by car enthusiast Mike Brewer.