Does CVS own wellpartner?

Does CVS own wellpartner?

The 340B Program was created by Congress to enable covered entities to stretch Federal resources to reach more eligible patients and provide more comprehensive services to these patients. …

What is a 340B contract pharmacy?

General Description and Overview. The 340B Program offers eligible safety net health care providers access to low-cost medications, which allows them to expand the type and volume of care they provide to the most vulnerable patient populations.

What does a 340B administrator do?

The 340B Compliance Program Manager is responsible for managing registration and participation in the 340B Program for all 340B Covered Entities and ensuring that all use of 340B throughout the organization is fully compliant.

Is CVS a 340B pharmacy?

The company has added more than 1,900 locations over the past 12 months. This means that half of all CVS locations are now 340B contract pharmacies. The company’s growth has been facilitated by CVS Health’s acquisition of Wellpartner, a provider of 340B contract pharmacy services.

HOW DO 340B pharmacies work?

How Does 340B Drug Program Work? If your facility is eligible, you apply and get approved for the 340B Drug program. Once enrolled, your facility can purchase outpatient medications at discounted “340B” drug prices. Drug manufacturers are required to discount prescriptions for 340B-approved facilities.

How do I register for 340B?

To register, you must have a 340B Office of Pharmacy Affairs (340B OPAIS) user account. Visit the 340B OPAIS site and select “help” in the upper right hand corner of the page.

Who can use a 340B pharmacy?

Who qualifies and what is the process?

  • Covered entities can purchase 340B drugs for all eligible patients, including patients with Medicare and private insurance.
  • Covered entities are allowed to provide 340B drugs only to individuals who are “patients” of the entity,

How much does a 340B coordinator make?

The estimated total pay for a 340b Coordinator is $60,727 per year in the United States.

Why wellpartner pharmacy network?

Wellpartner’s extensive pharmacy network gives patients choices, while driving program value and helping our customers grow their businesses. Year after year, Wellpartner is rated as the 340B administrator with the highest customer satisfaction. Hear what others say:

Why wellpartner for 340B?

With Wellpartner’s unsurpassed regulatory and compliance expertise, be confident in avoiding diversion, duplicate discounts and inappropriate claims classification. We support the 340B program mission of providing affordable access to medications to those who need it most. We help make this a reality for the entities we serve.

What are people saying about wellpartner?

“Wellpartner is responsible, knowledgeable, and accountable.” “Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Best customer service and ability to resolve issues so quickly makes Wellpartner one of the best TPAs out there.”