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Does humidity affect pool heat pumps?

Does humidity affect pool heat pumps?

A heat pump’s BTU output may drop by 6%, depending on equipment design, when relative humidity drops from 80% to 63%. The colder the air, the less heat your heat pump will be able to produce.

How do you troubleshoot a pool heat pump?

  1. Check that your heat pump is getting sufficient water flow. Without constant, sufficient water flow, your heat pump cannot transfer heat from the refrigerant to your swimming pool.
  2. Free your evaporator coil from all obstructions.
  3. Check the air temperature.
  4. Measure the air temperature difference (A(Delta)T).

How do I reset my Jandy Jxi heater?

Locate the factory settings switch on your JXI. It is a small black switch located behind the control panel, usually near or on top of your JXI’s transformer. Move the switch to the “W” position for five seconds. This resets your heater and restores all factory settings.

Are Raypak pool heaters good?

Raypak has proven to be a reliable, affordable heater for pool owners across the nation. A low NOx rated or cupro-nickel heater costs more than the standard Raypak heater and is a completely different model than the standard heater. Still, the standard Raypak heater is still one of the best-selling heaters we carry.

Why choose a Jandy je series pool heat pump?

The Jandy JE Series line of premium pool heat pumps delivers maximum energy efficiency and reliability. Working efficiently, JE pool heat pumps absorb…

Why choose Jandy?

Why Choose Jandy? Providing industry-leading engineering, Jandy’s innovative line of pool heaters and heat pumps are designed to deliver quality, energy-efficient heating solutions so you can enjoy a longer swim season in your pool. The perfect pool is neither too hot nor too cold.

What is included in the Jandy pool equipment package?

With a full line of pumps, filters, heaters, lights, valves, water sanitizers, and the automation solutions to control it all, Jandy has the complete equipment package for any swimming pool or spa.

What should I do if my pool heat pump does not heat?

If heat pump still does not heat, call for service. Verify circulating pump is on and all necessary valves are in the correct positions. Verify filter and skimmers are clean. Check water level in pool. Temporarily turn off all fountains and water falls that bypass the heat pump water inlet. If this does not correct the problem, call for service.