Does Radiohead sound like Muse?

Does Radiohead sound like Muse?

Muse might have sounded similar to Pablo Honey-era Radiohead with their debut album, but since then Muse has worked quite hard to make a distinct identity for themselves, and it’s not fair to pigeonhole them as Radiohead rip-offs for the superficial reason of the two vocalists having similar voices.

What genre best describes Radiohead?

Origin Abingdon, Oxfordshire, England
Genres Art rock alternative rock electronica experimental rock
Years active 1985–present
Labels XL Ticker Tape Ltd. Hostess TBD Parlophone Capitol

What is so special about Radiohead?

Radiohead is a band full of surprises. You never know what their next album is going to sound like, but you do know it’s going to be amazing. Radiohead is one of rock and roll’s most influential bands of the last 20 years, having developed a futuristic sound that helped rock evolve into the 21st century.

What distortion pedal does Radiohead use?

Marshall ShredMaster
“We wanted it to be like ‘Planet Telex’ off’ The Bends, a start that’s not really anything like the rest of the album”, Colin Greenwood told Melody Maker in 1997.” Key to this moment is the monstrous distortion of Jonny Greenwood’s Fender Telecaster Plus, boosted with a vast pedal board that includes a device used on …

Why do Radiohead fans hate Muse?

They think that Muse sold out with Drones (or The 2nd Law, or The Resistance, or Black Holes and Revelations, or Absolution). They think of Muse as a Radiohead ripoff (which they aren’t). They resent the fact that Muse’s music was used in the Twilight films. They’re racist against British people.

Does Matt Bellamy like Radiohead?

Matt Bellamy said in an interview, “There are elements where we’ve been influenced by a lot of the same things, but not influenced by them [referring to Radiohead]; everything will be fine.” Later on, Bellamy called Radiohead’s The Bends one of the two most important albums of the ’90s.

What are Radiohead fans like?

According to these stereotypes, Radiohead fans are self-important, self-styled music aficionados who sneer at the masses who aren’t quite as intellectual as they. They’re also deeply depressed and lonely but think their grim disposition makes them special.

What kind of amp does Radiohead use?

Currently, Vox AC30 amps are Thom’s favorite amplifier, and he uses them exclusively for live performances. However, he did not begin to use one as his main amplifier until after 2001, specifically after switching from his Marshall Bluesbreaker.