Does SIMFORT really work?

Does SIMFORT really work?

The SIMFORT doesn’t work, don’t waste your money, is expensive and does not do a good job, smell good but it’s all, nothing is growing up, my hair still being the same, so, don’t waste your money 💵 with this product, sorry, but is fake publicity, your hair is not growing up.

Does SIMFORT grow hair?

SIMFORT only uses plant-derived ingredients to take care of your scalp and stimulate new hair growth. So there are no side effects, only effects. We don’t test our products on animals at any point during production. Parabens can disrupt hormone function and have even been linked to different types of cancer.

Is carbonic acid good for your hair?

Hair relaxer: New study by Kao reveals that carbonic acid can enhance the effects of hair styling ingredients. A new study by Kao Corporation has suggested that carbonic acid can improve enhance p-Toluenesulfonic acid (pTS salt) penetration into hair and improve the effects of styling treatments.

Is carbonic acid good for your scalp?

The expansion power of dense 8,000ppm carbonic acid works like a magnet by attracting all of the clogging agents found on the surface of the scalp, improving the blood circulation and bringing back the dead pores to life and helps to maintain your scalp clean and well-nourished.

How often should I use Simfort?

Wash with it every day or every other day, depending on your hair length and needs, and enjoy the results. Our product is saturated with a concentration of 8000 ppm of carbonic acid, making sure any and all of your clogged pores won’t stand a chance of staying clogged very long.

How long does it take Simfort to work?

It took a month, but I am now seeing results! After 2 months of use there might be some new growth, but it’s hard to tell for sure and it’s pricey.

How often should I wash my hair with Simfort?

Does sebum cause hair loss?

The overproduction of sebum causes the hair and skin to become greasy and can lead to various complications such as dandruff and acne. If left untreated, sebum buildup on the scalp can cause more serious symptoms and complications, including hair loss.

What is the active ingredient in Simfort?

carbonic acid
Simfort lists their main active ingredient as carbonic acid. Their site claims that carbonic acid “helps to unclog the hair pores, minimizes excess sebum, increases the circulation of blood, and repairs the hair follicles.” There are, of course, no sources for any of these claims.