Does Steam still do flash sales?

Does Steam still do flash sales?

Developers will be able to choose temporary 6, 8, 10 or 12 hour mega-discounts. Basically, you’d buy any Flash Sales you liked, and for other games you’d just wait until the last day of the sale, when you knew there would be no further discounts. …

How long do Steam flash sales last?

They tend to last two weeks (ish).

Why did Steam stop doing flash sales?

The flash sales (and daily deals) died in 2015 when Steam introduced its refund system. Now that players could buy and refund any game they’d played for less than two hours, the incentive to wait for a flash sale disappeared.

How much does Steam take from sales 2020?

Valve starts by taking a 30% cut of game sales on Steam, the same percentage that Apple and Google take from their mobile app stores. (Microsoft’s own policy change affects only PC games; it will maintain its existing 30% cut of digital Xbox games.) After a game racks up $10 million in sales, Valve’s cut drops to 25%.

Does Steam have daily sales?

During the big sales, Steam discounts just about every game for the entire length of the sale. Each day, Steam takes a handful of those discounted games and discounts them even further, calling them the “Daily Deal” or “Flash Deal”.

How long is the Steam summer sale?

Golden Week Sale 2021: April 29th to May 6th. Open World Sale: May 27th to May 31st. Next Fest June 2021: June 16th to June 22nd. Summer Sale 2021: June 24th to July 8th.

How many copies did Undertale sell?

one million copies
The game sold over one million copies and was nominated for multiple accolades and awards. Several gaming publications and conventions listed Undertale as game of the year, and others have since listed it as one of the best games of the 2010s. Two chapters of a related game, Deltarune, were released in 2018 and 2021.

When do Steam sales happen?

Fortunately, Steam sales happen fairly consistently across the year, making them fairly easy to predict. Even amidst Covid-19 delays in 2020, Valve’s sales were full steam ahead. The same has been true so far in 2021. The seasonal sales offer the broadest and deepest price cuts, and they tend to occur during Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Should you buy games from Steam sales?

You can get big percentage discounts on big budget games in the major Steam Sales, but even with a hefty trim those games can still cost 20 or 30 bucks. If you want to maximise the amount of play time you get out of a Steam sale, quality indie games go down to dollars, and even cents.

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