Does the HyperByte work?

Does the HyperByte work?

Another study reported that HFV patients required fewer aligners and refinements compared to the control group. According to Byte, some of the advantages of the Hyperbyte include: Increases tooth movement by up to 64% Significantly decreases treatment time (but this isn’t always safe — read side effects)

Can you use HyperByte too much?

The HyperByte can be used at any time of day, as long as it’s for the full prescribed amount of time!

What is bridgework in dentistry?

This consists of a replacement for the missing tooth (the pontic), plus a crown for each of the two teeth adjacent to the gap. If more teeth are missing, more units would be required in the bridge.

How long does it take HyperByte to fully charge?

Regarding how long does Hyperbyte take to charge, it takes some time, on average 8 hours. However, it’s very easy to charge it, so don’t worry about dead batteries.

Does HyperByte help with pain?

Less pain, quicker results. That’s the promise of our HyperByte tool. Use it for just five minutes a day, and you’ll feel less pain. And you’ll cut your treatment time by about half.

What’s an impacted molar?

Impacted wisdom teeth are third molars at the back of the mouth that don’t have enough room to emerge or develop normally. Wisdom teeth are the last adult teeth to come into the mouth (erupt).

What is a partial?

A partial is a denture that replaces the missing teeth when someone still has multiple natural teeth remaining. It is removable, not attached permanently to the teeth or jawbones. A removable partial denture. It is made from an exact replica of your mouth in a dental lab.

Why choose impimpressions dental?

Impressions dental was quick with the appointment, new patient records were totally complete. Front desk was polite and helpful with insurance issues. Nancy did a wonderful job talking me through my scans and pictures.

How do I choose the best dental impression materials?

Use a material with the accuracy appropriate for the procedure. Some important characteristics of dental impression materials include dimensional accuracy, dimensional stability after the impression has been taken, hydrophilic properties that allow the material to work well in the presence of moisture, tear strength, and ease of handling.

Is alginate a good choice for dental impressions?

Alginate also doesn’t work well when more than one model must be poured from the same impression. Alginate is usually the dental impression material of choice for full-mouth opposing impressions, study models, orthodontic appliances, mouthguards, and even partial denture fabrication.

Where is impressions dental Chandler located?

Impressions Dental is located at 5970 S Cooper Rd #1, Chandler, AZ. We are currently accepting new patients, and you can schedule an appointment by calling 480-439-0073. Dr. Baker and the staff at Impressions Dental provide quality dental care to patients in the Chandler area, focusing on a comprehensive approach to oral health.