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How are the guardians described in Holy Thursday from the Songs of Innocence?

How are the guardians described in Holy Thursday from the Songs of Innocence?

Next the children are described as resembling lambs in their innocence and meekness, as well as in the sound of their little voices. In this heavenly moment the guardians, who are authority figures only in an earthly sense, sit “beneath” the children. The final line advises compassion for the poor.

What are the major themes in the poem Holy Thursday?

The Theme of the Poem. William Blake in his poem describes the the charity-school children of London and their going to St. Paul’s Cathedral on holy Thursday, Ascension Day. He says that the children wore clothes with shiny bright colors: red, blue, and green, and their innocent faces were clean.

What contrast do you find between the vision of Innocence and of Experience?

The Songs of Innocence are poetries that have happy poems like the poem “The Lamb.” The Songs of Experience are poetries that have poems that are dark and sad like the poem “The Tyger.” The purpose of the essay is to compare and contrast “The Lamb” and “The Tyger.” The difference between these two poems is that “The …

What is the difference between the Songs of Innocence and The Songs of Experience?

In 1789 “Songs of Innocence” were written: they are a collection of poems centred around the figure of the child and focusing on the theme of innocence. Instead “Songs of Experience” shows that innocence is corrupted and destroyed by human experience.

What is the theme of song of experience?

Songs of Experience is an attempt to denounce the cruel society that harms the human soul in such terrible ways, but it also calls the reader back to innocence, through Imagination, in an effort to redeem a fallen world.

What does Innocence in Songs of Innocence and Experience refer to?

“Innocence” and “Experience” are definitions of consciousness that rethink Milton’s existential-mythic states of “Paradise” and “Fall”. Often, interpretations of this collection centre around a mythical dualism, where “Innocence” represents the “unfallen world” and “Experience” represents the “fallen world”.

What is the purpose of Songs of Innocence and Experience?

Analysis. The Songs of Innocence and of Experience were intended by Blake to show ‘the two contrary states of the human soul’.