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How big is an iPhone camera sensor?

How big is an iPhone camera sensor?

The iPhone 13’s 1/1.9″ wide (main) sensor captures 47% more light than the 1/2.55″ sensor in the iPhone 12, thanks to the extra 11.3mm2 of surface area on the chip.

What is the camera of iPhone 4S?

Apple iPhone 4S Full Specifications

Rear camera 8-megapixel
Rear flash LED
Front camera 0.3-megapixel

Which camera has the largest sensor?

Meet the World’s Largest Sensor Camera That Shoots RAW: The LS45 (Sensor Size of 140mmX120mm) The LS45 was developed by a company called LargeSense, which offers a huge large format video, captured in an insanely large sensor with the size of a whole camera.

How many megapixels is the iPhone 4S camera sensor?

The iPhone 4S’s 8MP BSI sensor produced photos with more detail than the previous phone, but only just.

What is the focal length of 35mm on iPhone 4S?

33 mm-equivalent to 35 mm film cameras, 4.28 mm actual focal length. 33 mm-equivalent to 35 mm film cameras, 4.28 mm actual focal length. In case when we are calculating Field Of View the 33/34/35 matters a lot even in fraction value difference..! Iphone 4S ‘s Exif File gives : Focal Length In 35mm Format =35 mm with Crop Factor=8.2.

What are the technical specifications of the iPhone 4S?

iPhone 4S – Technical Specifications 1 Color 2 Capacity 1 3 Size and Weight 2 4 Cellular and Wireless. CDMA EV-DO Rev. 5 Location 6 Display 7 Camera, Photos, and Video 8 Power and Battery 4 9 Audio Playback 10 TV and Video

What’s new in the iPhone 4S camera?

Apple also says the iPhone camera in the 4S uses a new hybrid infrared filter, which is designed to produce more accurate and consistent color. The iPhone 4S camera also now boasts face detection and can lock in on up to ten faces in a single scene.