How can I check my Prize Bond results?

How can I check my Prize Bond results?

How to Check Prize Bond Result online with

  1. Reach on the at your browser, where you can see the 1st option to check the result.
  2. Now, enter your prize bond amount in the given place.
  3. Once you are done, enter the draw date on which the prize bond draw held in Pakistan.

Which Prize Bond is best in Pakistan?

What is the highest prize of the premium prize bond? Highest Prize of the premium prize bond of Rs. 40,000/- is Rs. 80 million and for Rs.

What is the next date of 1500 Prize Bond draw?

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Draws 2015 Draws 2016 Draw 2021
16-02-2015 15-02-2016 15-02-2021
15-05-2015 16-05-2016 17-05-2021
17-08-2015 15-08-2016 16-08-2021
16-11-2015 15-11-2016 15-11-2021

How can I get Prize Bond?

From where we can get Prize Bonds? Prize bonds can be purchased and encashed in any quantity at all field offices of SBP BSC (Bank), office of National Saving Centers, and designated branches of commercial banks.

How often are Prize Bond draws?

The draw takes place every week usually on a Friday. Prize Bonds are automatically entered into every draw and there are thousands of cash prizes each week. A €250,000 prize is awarded in the last weekly draw in March, June, September and December.

What is the date of 750 Prize Bond?

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Draws 2015 Draws 2016 Draws 2019
15-01-2015 15-01-2016 15-01-2019
15-04-2015 15-04-2016 15-04-2019
15-07-2015 18-07-2016 15-07-2019
15-10-2015 17-10-2016 15-10-2019

Are Prize Bond winners notified?

Prize Bonds notify all Prize Bond winners by post with a new bond certificate for automatic reinvestment or confirmation letter for prizes paid to bank account.