How do I check my Humminbird Helix software version?

How do I check my Humminbird Helix software version?

HELIX models On the start up screen, press the Menu button for Start Up Options. Using your four way cursor button, scroll down and select System Status using the right cursor. This will pull up a screen showing the Software Version number in the middle of the screen.

How do you use Humminbird Depth Finder?

How to Use the Hummingbird Depth Finder

  1. Basic Operation. Turn on the boat’s ignition to start the depth finder.
  2. Setting Shallow Alarm. Press the “Set” button one time.
  3. Setting Deep Alarm. Press the “Set” button until the “Deep” icon starts blinking on the display, then release the “Set” button.
  4. Setting Units.

Can you run two Humminbird units off one transducer?

Yes via Ethernet. I see you have a 360 and two displays now. If you have all three connected via Ethernet, you can do it now. Just turn Sonar OFF with one of the units—same as disconnecting the transducer.

How do you read a Humminbird fish finder screen?

The undulations on the screen mirror the terrain on the bottom. A thick, dark line represents a hard bottom, while a thin, light line means the bottom is soft. Look above the line that represents the bottom. Lines or other objects that extend up from the bottom likely are submerged timber, rocks, or aquatic vegetation.

How does the 400TX work in a simulator?

When in simulator operation, the 400TX responds to control inputs as if it is in actual operation, so feel free to experiment, or to customize the unit for your particular operation. Page 22 What You See On-Screen Your 400TX uses a 160 x 160 matrix FSTN LCD display.

Where does the transducer go on a Humminbird?

The transom installation, which is the most widely used, places the transducer on the outside of the boat hull. Page 4 ALTERNATE MOUNTING METHODS ALTERNATE TRANSDUCERS AND MOUNTING METHODS Your Humminbird fishfinder comes with everything necessary for installation and operation on most boats.

What is inside the control head of a Humminbird Fishfinder?

The control head contains the sonar transmit and receive circuitry, as well as the user controls and display. Page 3 INSTALLATION PREPARATION Determining How to Mount the Transducer Your Humminbird fishfinder includes a standard transducer.

What does the diagnostic screen on the 400TX show?

The second Diagnostic screen provides valuable information about the sonar function of the 400TX. The three columns of information show the raw sonar signal as it is seen by the unit. Page 35 The Wide Side transducer can be connectedly directly to the 400TX or used in conjunction with the standard transducer through a transducer switch.