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How do I contact the Department of Education in Sri Lanka?

How do I contact the Department of Education in Sri Lanka?

  1. Telephones : +94 11 2 785141 – +94 11 2 785150.
  2. Fax Nos : +94 11 2 785162.
  3. Email : [email protected]; [email protected]
  4. Website :

Who is the Secretary of Education Sri Lanka?

Ministry of Education (Sri Lanka)

Agency overview
Minister responsible Dinesh Gunawardena, Minister of Education
Agency executive Mr N.H.M.Chithrananda, Permanent Secretary
Child agency Department of Examinations

Who is higher education secretary?

Department’s Secretariat

Name Designation Code
Sri. C.N. Ashwath Narayan Hon’ble Higher Education Minister, GOK 080
Shri Kumar Naik G., I.A.S Additional Chief Secretary to Government, Higher Education Department 080
Sri. K.L.Subramanya Joint Secretary to Government, Higher Education Dept. (Universities) 080

What is the Ministry of Education email?

[email protected]
This was disclosed by portfolio Minister, Hon. Fayval Williams, who noted that the email – [email protected], and telephone numbers – (888-EDU-CATE) 888-338-2283 or (888-SCH-TIME) 888-724-8463 will be accessible by Friday (October 2).

Who is the head of examination department?

Commissioner General Of Examinations
It also carries out other examinations. The head of the department is Commissioner General Of Examinations. Commissioners, Deputy Commissioners and Assistant Commissioners of Examination form the assisting body to the Commissioner General.

Who is minister of education now?

Dharmendra Pradhan
The current education minister is Dharmendra Pradhan, a member of the Council of Ministers.

What is the work of higher education minister?

The Department of Higher Education, MoE, is responsible for the overall development of the basic infrastructure of Higher Education sector, both in terms of policy and planning.

Does Sri Lanka have good education?

Sri Lanka won its independence from Great Britain in 1948, and enshrined the right to a free education in the constitution some 30 years later. Regardless, Sri Lanka has the highest reported youth literacy rate in South Asia at 98.77 percent, as compared to 89.66 percent in India, and 83.2 percent in Bangladesh.

Why Faculty of Engineering Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology?

The Faculty of Engineering of Sri Lanka Institute of Information technology is the epicenter of engineering education, research, knowledge creation and distribution in Sri Lanka. Comprised of prominent lecturers, researchers and a helpful academic staff, the students are guaranteed to receive quality education and knowledge.

Where can I study in Sri Lanka?

Vocational education and training is carried out for degree level at the Open University, Sri Lanka and the University of Vocational Technology, as well as at diploma level at 37 technical colleges, Sri Lanka Institute of Advanced Technological Education and the Sri Lanka School of Agriculture.

What is the level of Education in Sri Lanka?

Education in Sri Lanka has a long history that dates back two millennia. The Constitution of Sri Lanka provides free education as a fundamental right. Sri Lanka’s population had an adult literacy rate of 96.3% in 2015, which is above average by world and regional standards.Computer literacy in 2017 28.3%…

Why do schools in Sri Lanka teach only in Sinhala medium?

Due to the variety of ethnic groups in Sri Lanka, many schools teach only in either Sinhala medium or in Tamil medium and not the English medium. It is compulsory to do the primary education in Sinhala medium.