How do I contact the probation service?

How do I contact the probation service?

Probation Department, Central Criminal Court, Old Bailey, London, EC4M 7EH. Tel: 020 7248 3277 Fax: 020 7236 6692.

Who are the National Probation Service?

The National Probation Service is a statutory criminal justice service that manages offenders under probation supervision who have been assessed as presenting a high risk of harm to others. The NPS work with around 30,000 offenders a year, supporting their rehabilitation while protecting the public.

What is the main purpose of the National Probation Service?

The ultimate goal of the National Probation Service is to protect the public against high-risk offenders by providing thorough rehabilitation services as well as by addressing the causes of the initial offence(s).

What is the National Probation Service UK?

The Probation Service is a statutory criminal justice service that supervises high-risk offenders released into the community. Probation Service works with the Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service.

How many probation offices are there in the UK?

There are 12 regions in England and Wales, each overseen by a Regional Probation Director. The Regional Probation Directors are: Nic Davies for Wales. Andrea Bennett for North West.

How do I complain about probation service?

Complaints for investigation by the Ombudsman: For information about submitting complaints please see the How to Complain to the Ombudsman page. If you need to get in touch after you have sent your complaint to us, you can call 020 7633 4149 or lo-call 0845 010 7938 and leave a message.

How do I complain about National probation Service?

Email (general & complaints): [email protected] Email (fatal incidents): [email protected] Information and IT security:The GSI email network is secure for handling information at OFFICIAL, including information marked as OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE (e.g. prison records) and at the legacy protective markings up to and …

What are probation reports?

A probation report is a document that provides information about a person on probation or trial. If a person is awaiting trial or has been convicted but not yet sentenced, a probation officer may be required to fill out what is known as a pre-sentence probation report.