How do I contact The RealReal?

How do I contact The RealReal?

1-877-373-6374 (U.S.)

Who is the CEO of The RealReal?

Julie Wainwright
The RealReal/CEO

The RealReal Founder and CEO Julie Wainwright has been named to the NRF’s 2022 list of “People Shaping Retail’s Future.”

Who owns The RealReal?

Julie Wainwright. Julie L. Wainwright is an e-commerce entrepreneur. She is the founder and CEO of The RealReal, an online marketplace for authenticated luxury consignment.

Can I trust The RealReal?

With a rigorous authentication process overseen by experts, The RealReal provides a safe and reliable platform for consumers to buy and sell their luxury items. We have 100+ in-house gemologists, horologists and brand authenticators who inspect thousands of items each day.

What does hold mean on The RealReal?

We allow you to hold items in your cart for 20 minutes so you can consider your purchase and continue shopping. We aim to allow all shoppers the chance to buy their favorite items, and because there is only one of each item on The RealReal, we cannot allow items to be held indefinitely.

What percentage does real real take?

When an item sells, the consigning party gets a percentage of the sale price (50 percent for items priced at $200 or below, and up to 70 percent for products that sell for $10,000 and over) and The RealReal takes a cut.

How old is Julie Wainwright?

“I gotta figure something out.” Figure something out she did: Today, at 64, Wainwright is the founder and CEO of online luxury consignment shop The RealReal, the world’s largest marketplace for authenticated luxury resale items.

Is the real real a publicly traded company?

On June 28, 2019, The RealReal went public on Nasdaq under the symbol REAL and it raised $300 Million during its IPO.

Is The RealReal profitable?

Gross Profit was $63.4 million , an increase of 78% Y/Y and 38% compared to the same period of 2019. Gross Profit per Order improved $9 Q/Q to $94 per order.

What percentage does RealReal take?

The site has a variable commission schedule, which can get costly for some items. However, it’s never more than The Real-Real’s unreal 50%.

Is the RealReal profitable?

Is The RealReal legit 2021?

The RealReal is an online luxury consignment store that used to differentiate itself by saying everything is 100% real. The CEO has said there are “no fakes on our site” and “every single item [is] authenticated.”

Where is The RealReal located?

The RealReal is headquartered in San Francisco, CA and has 13 office locations across 1 country.

Why shop with The RealReal?

Our in-house experts inspect every item and our commitment to authenticity sets us apart, creating a foundation of trust with shoppers and consignors. The RealReal is also the first luxury member of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s prestigious CE100 USA.

Who is the founder of The RealReal?

Founder and CEO Julie Wainwright started The RealReal in 2011 because she believed luxury buyers would jump at an easy — and discreet — way to unload last season’s looks, and more mainstream shoppers would be eager to pick them up at a discount.” growing luxury businesses in the country.

How do I Sell with The RealReal?

By joining The RealReal, you agree to the Terms of Service , Cookie Policy , and to receive promotional emails. Selling with us is easy. Simply fill out the form below or call us at 888.737.4132. By continuing, I agree to the Consignor Terms, and confirm that all items are on the Designer List and adhere to the Quality Standards.