How do I get a Tanzania mining license?

How do I get a Tanzania mining license?

Applicant to be granted letter of offer, licence is issued after payments of preparation fee of a licence. Mineral right holder to seek consent to lawful surface right holder to enter the area. Consent to be granted. Mineral right holder to negotiate with Local Government Authority to prepare CSR.

What is primary mining licence?

A primary mining licence confers on the holder the exclusive right to carry on prospecting and mining operations in the mining area. It is granted for an initial period of up to seven years and is renewable.

Why do you need a mining licence?

Mining and exploration companies searching for the location of mineral and energy resources will need permission before accessing Crown land. The companies require an exploration licence, granted under the Mining Act 1992, to receive exclusive rights to explore for specific minerals within a designated area.

Who regulates the mining industry?

The U.S. Department of Interior Bureau of Land Management and the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service Exit Exit EPA websiteregulate mining activities on federal land managed by these agencies. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, EPA, and state agencies also have roles in regulating the mining industry.

Where minerals are found in Tanzania?

Tanzania Uranium Tanzania has found huge deposits of uranium mainly in Namtumbo (Mkuju), Bahi, Galapo, Minjingu, Mbulu, Simanjiro, Lake Natron, Manyoni, Songea, Tunduru, Madaba, and Nachingwea. One of the major uranium development projects is the Mkuju River Project with estimated reserves of 182.1 million tonnes.

Where is gold mined in Tanzania?

The North Mara gold mine is located in north-west Tanzania in the Tarime district of the Mara region. It is around 100 kilometres east of Lake Victoria and 20 kilometres south of the Kenyan border. North Mara started commercial production in 2002.

What is special mining Licence?

Special mining licences are only granted for large scale mining operations with a minimum capital investment of US$100 million. Where such licences are issued, MEM generally enters into a Mining Development Agreement (MDA) with the mining company, for the conduct of mining operations over the licence.

How much did mining licence cost?

The government imposed a 30 shillings per month licence fee in order for the miners to work their claim. Police were sent to the goldfields to enforce the payment and were known to use unwarranted force when dealing with miners who did not, or could not, pay.

How do you get a mining license?


  1. Hold a certificate of approval in the prescribed form from the State government.
  2. Produce an income tax clearance certificate in the prescribed form.
  3. Be Indian (except with previous approval of central government).
  4. Also, Mining lease will not be provided if total area covered exceeds ten square miles.

Where gold is found in Tanzania?

Lake Victoria Gold Fields
In Tanzania, gold deposits are found in the Lake Victoria Gold Fields (LVGF) of northern Tanzania (Fig. 1), in the Mpanda Mineral Field (MMF) and Lupa Gold Field (LGF) in western and southwestern Tanzania, respectively (Ikingura et al., 2010) .

Where are the gold mines in Tanzania?

What is the primary mining license in Tanzania?

The Primary Mining License entitles the license holder to erect buildings on the mining land, to explore and mine for gold, and do whatever is necessary to have minerals produced. This is sample Primary Mining License in Tanzania or well known as PML and does not consist of the area larger than 10 hectares.

How do I import minerals into Tanzania?

Regulation 4 of the Mining (Mineral Trading) Regulations, 2010 requires importation of minerals or samples of minerals into Tanzania to be done after obtaining an Import Permit from the Commissioner for Minerals.

How to get a business license in Tanzania?

In Tanzania, Business Licenses are issued by two Authorities namely Business Registration and Licensing Agency for Class “A” Business Licenses and Local Government Authorities (LGAs) for Class B Licenses. Pre-requisite for Obtaining a Business License. Register a Company or a Business Name to the Business Registration and Licensing Agency (BRELA)

How to check for radioactive minerals in Tanzania?

In the case of radioactive minerals, radioactivity check on the minerals has to be conducted by Tanzania Atomic Energy Commission (TAEC) in collaboration with the Commissioner for Minerals as guided under Section 108 of the Mining Act, 2010 and the Mining (Radioactive Minerals) Regulations, 2010.