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How do I know what size race helmet I need?

How do I know what size race helmet I need?

Selecting your proper helmet size: Measure your head circumference one inch above the eyebrows around to the largest point on the back of your head. Round up to the larger size when your measurement is between two sizes.

How should a motorsport helmet fit?

A helmet should always fit tight. It should not just slide on really easy and there should not be excessive side to side movement. Your cheeks should be pushed up and there should be pressure on most areas of your head. Secure the strap and try to roll the helmet off your head from the back, forwards.

What size helmet do I need for a 25 inch head?


Hat Size Circumference (Inches) Approximate Size
8 25
8 1/8 25 3/8
8 1/4 25 3/4
8 3/8 26 1/8 Largest helmet on our Big Heads page.

How tight should an MX helmet be?

Your MX helmet should be a bit snug. You’re fitting the helmet to your head, not your face, and cheek pads tend to soften up after a few rides. It’s good if the helmet feels slightly snug around the cheeks.

What does SA stand for in helmets?

SA stands for Special Application. SA-rated helmets are used in competitive automobile racing and require a fire-retardant rating.

What brand of helmet do f1 drivers use?

Bell Helmets
For nearly 70 years Bell have been at the forefront of professional motorsport in both four and two-wheel categories, and today, over half of the Formula 1 drivers, including Lewis Hamilton, Charles Leclerc and Nicholas Latifi, wear lids designed and manufactured by Bell Helmets.

How do you size a motocross helmet?

To measure your head size, wrap a cloth tape measure horizontally around your head about one inch above your eyebrows and ears. This will measure the largest portion of your head. Select the helmet size that is closest to your head size. Often times your head measurement may fall between two helmet sizes.

How to determine a helmet size correctly?

Helmet Size Guide Measure Use a measuring tape to measure around your head one inch above your eyebrows. Choose Size Use the chart to convert measurement to hat size Select Your Helmet

How to figure out the size of my helmet?

Get the Size of Your Head. Whether it be a bicycle helmet,equestrian,snowboard,ski,football or any other helmet,it’s important that you get the right size.

  • Determine the Shape of Your Head. Different brands manufacture helmets for different head shapes.
  • Try It on and Check the Fit.
  • How do you size a helmet?

    Most helmets are measured in centimeters, so unless you love calculations, measure your head in centimeters. For example, if you measure the circumference of your head and it is 56 cm, you will wear a 56 cm helmet or Medium (55-58cm) depending on the helmet’s size scale.

    What size motorcycle helmet should I get?

    Having a correct fitting helmet is vital for your safety. The way to measure your head size for a helmet is by using a measuring tape. Measure approximately 1inch (2.5cm) above your eyebrows (forehead) and around the complete circumference of your head.