How do I load Garmin IMG into MapSource?

How do I load Garmin IMG into MapSource?

Installing the . img Files In MapSource or BaseCamp

  1. Extract the file(s) to a folder (the map I’m working with will be in C:gps_mapsphilmont)
  2. Open MapSetToolkit.
  3. Tell MapSetToolkit the location of cgpsmapper:
  4. Now select the .img file(s) by clicking Select IMG.
  5. Select the folder where your .

How do I install maps on Garmin MapSource?

Install Maps to Garmin Devices using MapSource

  1. Attach your Garmin device to the computer with a data transfer USB cable.
  2. Start MapSource.
  3. Click the Tools menu.
  4. Click the Map option in the Tools menu.
  5. Click the map regions you wish to install.
  6. Click the Transfer menu.
  7. Click the Send To Device option in the Transfer menu.

What is a Gmapsupp IMG file?

Older Garmin Devices The Garmin device loads a single map file called “gmapsupp. img”. This file must be in a directory called “Garmin” on the SD-card (so the full path is “Garmin/gmapsupp. If the “Garmin” directory does not exist on the SD-card, you will have to create it. There can only be one “gmapsupp.

How do I create a Gmapsupp image?

Use Mapwel Advanced software main menu > Tools > Merge IMG Files function to open window for merging separate img files into a single file. Click right mouse button on the tab and use Add Map command from the pop-up menu to add respective img files to the list. button to generate single GMAPSUPP.

Where do I put Gmapsupp IMG?

Copy the gmapsupp. img file into the Garmin folder on the SD-card. The folder name must begin with a capital “G”. The map will not work if you put the file in the Garmin folder of the GPS device itself.

How do I open Garmin IMG files?

Load and View . img Files in Garmin Basecamp

  1. Download and install ImDisk Virtual Disk Driver.
  2. Click Mount New…
  3. In the Mount New Virtual Disk window that appears:
  4. Press OK.
  5. Open File Explorer and open the drive letter that you set earlier.
  6. Make sure the File System is set to FAT32 and that Quick Format is checked.