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How do I pay for Deutsche Bahn?

How do I pay for Deutsche Bahn?

Pay simply and easily by credit card. We accept VISA, MasterCard, AmericanExpress and Diners Club cards.

What is S Bahn in Germany?

The S-Bahn is a commuter train in high-density areas, like the urban area of Berlin. It runs in quick, regular intervals. Some S-Bahn stations connect to longer distance regional trains. Reservations for the S-Bahn are not required.

How many train stations are there in Germany?

5,400 railway stations
The approximately 5,400 railway stations in Germany that are owned and operated by the Deutsche Bahn subsidiary DB Station&Service are divided into seven categories, denoting the service level available at the station.

What is the difference between S Bahn and U-Bahn Berlin?

The U-Bahn commonly understood to stand for Untergrundbahn (underground railway) are conventional rapid transit systems that run mostly underground, while the S-Bahn or Stadtschnellbahn (city rapid railway) are commuter rail services, that may run underground in the city center and have metro-like characteristics in …

What is a Deutsche Bahn train?

Short for Deutsche Bahn, these trains are known for their brilliant levels of comfort and efficiency. As Germany’s largest railway company, you’re likely to board a Deutsche Bahn service at some point if you’re travelling around the country.

How to get around in Germany by train?

Offering both high-speed, long-distance services as well as regional routes, travelling by train with Deutsche Bahn is one of the most convenient ways to get around. Read on to learn about Deutsche Bahn tickets, trains, and the top destinations you can visit in Germany by train.

What is the German rail pass?

The German Rail Pass offers travellers residing outside of Europe, Turkey and Russia unlimited travel across Germany. Enjoy flexible travel in Germany: take as many trains as you like, including ICE services

Why choose Deutsche Bahn for travel in Germany?

As the number one long-distance passenger transport service in Germany, Deutsche Bahn can get you around the country with minimum fuss.