How do I report a banded pigeon?

How do I report a banded pigeon?

Reporting a bird with a federal band or auxiliary marker

  1. Report a band at
  2. Obtain your Certificate of Appreciation.
  3. About federal bands.
  4. About auxiliary markers.

What do the numbers on my birds band mean?

A quarantine band from a privately owned station will always have three letters followed by three numbers, such as CRO 123. The first letter indicates the state is California, the second letter IDs the station and the third letter and the following three numbers identify the bird.

What does it mean if a bird is tagged?

Bird banding is the process of attaching a small metal or plastic band or tag around a bird’s leg in order to identify individual birds from the band’s unique number.

How do you track a bird band?

In nearly every case, every digit would be needed to trace the bird. Standard plain aluminum bird bands have nine digits: a four-digit prefix and a five-digit suffix. With that number, you can report a band in the U.S. or Canada at

Who to call if you find a banded pigeon?

If that’s the case, keep trying. Or, you could contact local wildlife rehabilitators to see if any have a list of contacts for such birds. Also, it may be appropriate to ask around your neighborhood to find out if anyone keeps fancy pigeons.

How do I find the owner of a bird band?

“Sexing bands are put on the right leg to indicate males and left leg to indicate females.” Open bands may also be put on the bird after determining the sex of the bird. Sex determination bands are put on the right leg to indicate males and left leg to indicate females.

What do the numbers on a bird band mean?

Typically, each band will contain the breeder’s identification number, the year the bird was hatched and a unique identification code for the bird. The band also may have a code indicating which state the breeder lives in and the particular parrot club to which he belongs.

How do you read a bird’s ring?

They are colour coded and produced with consecutive numbers. In the example above: 3 would be the 3rd bird rung, CAGS could be the breeder’s initials or an organisations ID e.g. PSUK, 20 is the year bred, the year is commonly shown as 2 digits and V is the ring size (size V is used for African Grey Parrots).

What is the value of bird banding data?

Banding data were instrumental in the development of Adaptive Harvest Management, and are used by biologists to set annual waterfowl hunting regulations. The value of banding data is only fully realized when banded birds are recovered and band numbers reported to the Bird Banding Laboratory.

What do I do if my bird has a reward band?

If you get a bird with a reward band, it should also have a second, standard band on it. Please report both bands. Occasionally, bands get worn and are lost, so if your bird only has a reward band, please report it. Someone will contact you to help you complete the report so that you can get your certificate and check.

How many bird banding records are there in Canada?

Since 1923, the lab has collaborated with the Canada’s Bird Banding Office to administer the North American Bird Banding Program and manage more than 82 million banding and encounter records. Our homepage has moved… No data point selected. Click on a pin on the map to see more information.

What is the bird banding laboratory?

The Bird Banding Laboratory is an integrated scientific program established in 1920 to support the collection, archiving, management, and dissemination of information from banded and marked birds in North America. This information allows for developing effective bird science, management, and conservation.