How do I run a batch file execution?

How do I run a batch file execution?

3 Answers

  1. Press the windows key + r (this opens the “run” window)
  2. Type: cmd into the text input and press enter (or click ok)
  3. Change to the directory that contains the batch file, e.g: cd c:\scripts\foo.
  4. Execute the batch file by typing it’s name and pressing enter, e.g: somename. bat.

How do I run a Python script from Tcl?


  1. In the command sequencer add the “Global Services: Run Custom Command” command and set the filepath of the TCL script.
  2. In the TCL script use the “exec” function to call the Python script, refer to the example below:

How do I run a Tcl file in Terminal?

You can run this program by starting tclsh from the start menu, then typing the command source c:/hello. tcl. Note that the traditional Windows \ is replaced with /. to your script.

How do I get a batch file to run on startup?

To run a batch file at start up: start >> all programs >> right-click startup >> open >> right click batch file >> create shortcut >> drag shortcut to startup folder. Go to Run (WINDOWS + R) and Type shell:startup, paste your . bat file there ! This is awesome!

How do I compile a TCL script?

Using tclkit.exe:

  1. Copy tclkit.exe and sdx.kit into the directory where your Tcl source code file is.
  2. Make a copy of the tclkit.exe into the directory where your TCL source code file is.
  3. At Start/Run, type the following command (make the necessary adaptations): c:\Birds\tclkit sdx.kit qwrap birds.tcl.

How do I run TCL on a Mac?

Installation on Mac OS X Download the latest version for Mac OS X package from the list of Active Tcl binaries available. The active Tcl community edition is free for personal use. Run the downloaded executable to install the Active Tcl, which can be done by following the on screen instructions.

How do I run a Tcl script with arguments?

1 Answer 1 ActiveOldestVotes 2 To run a Tcl script, passing in some arguments, do: tclsh script1.tcl theFirstArgument theSecondArgument That’s how it works in CMD scripts/BAT files on Windows, and in shell scripts on all Unixes.

How to use execeval exec LS in Tcl?

eval exec ls [glob *.tcl] or, from Tcl 8.5 onwards: exec ls {*}[glob *.tcl] where the {*}prefix is used to force the list to become individual arguments. If one of the commands in an execcall fails to execute, the execwill return an error, and the error output will include the last line describing the error.

How do I start another program in Tcl?

However, Tcl is also useful as a scripting language to tie other packages or programs together. To accomplish this function, Tcl has two ways to start another program: open…… run a new program with I/O connected to a file descriptor exec…… run a new program as a subprocess

How to force TCL to flush output from external program?

If you use the open|cmd”r+”construct, you must follow each puts with a flush to force Tcl to send the command from its buffer to the program. The output from the program itself may be buffered in its output buffer. You can sometimes force the output from the external program to flush by sending an exitcommand to the process.