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How do I send articles to Gulf News?

How do I send articles to Gulf News?

Email us on [email protected] or call on 04 4067666. Don’t forget to include your name, email address and information about the content being submitted. Make sure to include your mobile number, so we can get back to you.

How do I send pictures to Gulf News?

To share a news tip, photo, opinion or video with us, email it on [email protected] can use the same email address to inform us, if you come across any factual errors or mistakes, have feedback on the process or any queries on the content. You can also message us on Facebook or Instagram.

Where is Gulf News?

Gulf News is a daily English language newspaper published from Dubai, United Arab Emirates….Gulf News.

Gulf News (cover of 22 May 2018)
Headquarters Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Country United Arab Emirates
Circulation 108,187 (daily) 108,777 (weekend) (December 2012)

Who is the owner of Khaleej Times?

Suhail Galadari
Khaleej Times

Front page of 16 April 2018
Format Broadsheet
Owner(s) Suhail Galadari (Co-Chairman) Mohammed Galadari (Co-Chairman)
Publisher Galadari Printing and Publishing
Editor Vaman Vassudev Kamat

Who is the chief editor of Gulf News?

Abdul Hamid Ahmad, Editor in Chief of Gulf News: “I enjoy the simple things in life…”

How can I subscribe to Gulf News?

Go to the website or app. Tap the orange ‘Subscribe’ button at the top right corner. Select the Digital Subscription option, fill in the details, select the plan of choice, buy using your credit/debit card, and you are good to go.

How do I advertise a job in Gulf News?

To place ad in the physical Classifieds newspaper, you will have to visit the Gulf News offices in various locations and request them to place a “Situations Wanted” advertisement for your profile. They will request you to mention your message, your contact details like mobile number and email address.

How do I advertise in Gulf News?

How to place your ‘Job Wanted’ ad online?

  1. Step 1: Register for a free account. You will be sent a verification code to your mobile number to verify the number; so please use a real phone number to register.
  2. Step 2: Click on Place an Ad.
  3. Step 3: Search for Job Wanted.
  4. Step 4: Buy the package that you would like to go for.

Who is the publisher of Gulf News?

GN Media
GN Media is the publisher of Gulf News, the biggest selling English newspaper in the UAE. It is also home to the most visited news website in the UAE,

Is Suhail Galadari Pakistani?

The group also has stakes in Galadari Cement in Karachi Pakistan….

Suhail Galadari
Born Suhail Abdul Latif Galadari 8 July 1977 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Nationality United Arab Emirates, Emirati
Education Al Mawakeb School (Dubai) Brighton College (London)
Occupation Director at Galadari Brothers