How do I set up optical on my Pioneer receiver?

How do I set up optical on my Pioneer receiver?

Press the Home Menu button the remote (the one with the House), then select System Setup, then Input Setup. On the Input setup screen, arrow left or right until you get to the input you used for the Video, and then arrow down to Digital In, and select the appropriate Optical input (probably OPT-1).

How do you reset a Pioneer VSX 523?

Switch the receiver into standby mode by holding down “Band” and then pressing and holding the “Standby/On” button for about two seconds. When you see “Reset?” appear on the display, press either the left or right arrow button or the “Auto Surround/Stream Direct” button until “OK?” is displayed.

How many channels does the pioneer vsx-d509s have?

With both Dolby Digital and DTS surround decoding, S-video switching, 5.1-channel analog inputs, four digital-audio inputs, and the ability to deliver 100 watts across all five main channels, Pioneer’s VSX-D509S is poised to satisfy many a movie and music fan.

Is the vsx-d509s a good value?

Pioneer’s VSX-D509S’s strengths are many, and the receiver represents a very fine value. –Wayne Garcia Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

How do I Turn on TV/sat on my pioneer vsx-912?

I have the VSX-912, so it should be similar. You should be able to set the remote to Receiver mode, and then push the right or left arrow button to cycle through the menu options. When you get to OPT2, you should be able to push UP/DOWN until you get to TV/SAT. Don’t you have the manual? If not, it’s almost definitely on Pioneer’s support site.

What are the features of a pioneer radio receiver?

Operation is a breeze: the receiver’s setup and controls work perfectly, and radio signals come in clear as crystal. Pioneer’s four Advanced Theater modes (Musical, Drama, Action, and Expanded) enhance DTS and Dolby Digital playback, giving you plenty of options when it comes to surround-sound playback.