How do I sum only alternate cells in Excel?

How do I sum only alternate cells in Excel?

2. If you want to sum every other column, you can input the following formula: =SUMPRODUCT((MOD(COLUMN($A$1:$O$1),3)=0)*($A$1:$O$1)).

How do you sum every other row?

Sum Every Other Row or Every Third Row

  1. To sum the odd rows: =SUMPRODUCT(MOD(ROW(3:100), 2), (C3:C100))
  2. To sum the even rows: =SUMPRODUCT(–(MOD(ROW(2:99), 2)=0), (C2:C99)) or =SUMPRODUCT(MOD(ROW(1:98),2), (C2:C99))
  3. To sum every third row (2, 5, 8, etc. ): =SUMPRODUCT(–(MOD(ROW(2:148),3)=2), (C2:C148)) . See Figure 8.

How do you sum all 3 rows in Excel?

How to Sum Every 3 Cells

  2. =SUM(OFFSET($B4,0,(COLUMN()-COLUMN($H$4))*3,1,3))
  3. =SUM(OFFSET($B4,0,(COLUMN()-COLUMN($H$4))*3,1,3))
  4. (COLUMN()-COLUMN($H$4))*3.

How do I insert text every other row in Excel?

How to insert same text in every other row in Excel?

  1. In the worksheet, press Alt + F11 keys simultaneously to open the Microsoft Visual Basic for Application window.
  2. Click Insert > Module. See screenshot:
  3. Copy and paste below VBA code into the Code editor.

How do I add every 3 rows in Excel?

How do you add a row after every 3rd row in Excel?

Add a column to the right of your data. If the helper column is in E1, then add this formula into E2 and copy it down to the end of the data. Change N to a number (5 if you want every 5th row etc…)….

  1. Left click on one of the selected cells.
  2. Select Insert in from the menu.
  3. Select Entire row.
  4. Press the OK button.

How do you SUM all 3 rows in Excel?

How do I sum all 24 rows in Excel?

How to sum every n rows down in Excel?

  1. Enter this formula into a blank cell where you want to put the result: =SUM(OFFSET($B$2,(ROW()-ROW($B$2))*5,0,5,1))
  2. Tip: In the above formula, B2 indicates the started row number you want to sum, and 5 stands for the incremental row numbers.

How do I insert multiple rows after every row in Excel?

Insert multiple rows in Excel using the standard menu options

  1. Select the cells where the empty rows need to appear and press Shift + Space.
  2. When you pick the correct number of rows, right-click within the selection and choose the Insert option from the menu list. Tip.