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How do I write a condonation delay letter?

How do I write a condonation delay letter?

Just write from to address and tell due to the following reason I was not able to file the form within the date. Kindly condone the delay. i would request you not to write anything lame. Instead write that your C.A. Was out of town because of which you could not complete the formalities.

How do I file form 107?

Here’s how to check if you can do it:

  1. Login to SSP,
  2. Select articleship cycle.
  3. Select forms.
  4. If 107 is appearing then fill it otherwise follow the instructions given in below link.

What happens if form 112 is not submitted?

In case Form No. 112 is not submitted within 30 days of joining the course, the procedure laid down for condonation of delay in non-submission of form will apply….Notifications.

1. Form 112 to be submitted with the recommendation of the Principal.
3. Only one additional course is permitted at a time.

Do we need to send form 103 to ICAI?

The Students are required to send form no. 103 within 30 days from the date of commencement of articles training under a practising Chartered Accountant. The students who are undergoing articles training but have not submitted form no.

How do I raise condonation request?

Step 1: Log in to the e-Filing portal using your user ID and password. Step 2: On your Dashboard, click Services > Condonation Request. Step 3: On the Condonation Request page, select Allow ITR filing after time-barred option and click Continue.

What is application for condonation of delay?

Condonation of delay is usually applied for the delay in filing suits or applications in the courts in India. Condonation of delay is an exception to such limitation period. It is a remedy provided to a person if he fails to approach the court/respective authority within the time limit prescribed under the law.

What is Form 105 ICAI?

Form 105, Certificate of service to be issued by the member under whom industrial training was received. Form 108, Certificate of service under articles (completion of articles) Form 115, Completion of Audit Service.

Is it necessary to fill Form 112?

1. For obtaining permission from the Institute, an articled / audit assistant is required to submit application in Form 112 duly complete in all respects and recommended by the Employer and the College Authorities, if the course is regular one. The Certificate in Form No. 112 indicating college timings etc.

Can I do CA Articleship with BCom?

Now, according to the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, a student cannot do articleship while pursuing BCom. This means a student will now require six- and- a- half years to acquire both the degrees,” Dr Sethi said. After clearing the IPPC, the articleship is mandatory and then the final course is done.

Does Form 102 require franking?

Yes, you have to make franking on form 102 and you need not to submit form 102 to ICAI, it shall be keep with your employer, the date of agreement of form 102 shall be indicate on form 103. So you required to send only form 103 to ICAI to get articleship registration.

Is it mandatory to file Form 108 online?

Signing of Form 108 Form 108 for completion of Articleship is mandatorily required to be signed by the Principal under all circumstances. It should preferably be signed by the Article Trainee as well.