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How do you change the fork seal on a Honda Goldwing?

How do you change the fork seal on a Honda Goldwing?

How to Replace Goldwing Fork Seals

  1. Remove the lower leg drain plugs with a wrench and drain the forks.
  2. Remove the large snap-ring at the top of the lower leg with a pair of inside snap-ring pliers.
  3. Push the lower leg up onto the fork tubes, compressing the fork.
  4. Remove the washer and old seal from the tube.

How much does it cost to replace fork seals on a motorcycle?

Approximate Total Cost: $50 – $200 + 3-6 Hours of work If your relatively handy and feel up to the task of replacing your own fork seals than this is what you would be looking to spend in both time and parts cost. All prices will depend on what kind of motorcycle and forks you have.

Can I change fork seals without disassembly?

Yes. Pull the bolt out that secures the cartridge to the lower fork leg and the forks will come apart. Put a seal in with a split type fork seal driver. Then you pull the cap and separate from cartridge to pull the spring to set the fork oil level.

What is a fork bushing kit?

Fork Bushing Kits feature slider and leg bushings along with all of the copper washers, o-rings and fork seal snap rings. Use the Part Search to ensure proper fitment for your vehicle.

Can you ride a motorcycle with leaking fork seals?

You should notride with a bad fork seal for many reasons, safety being number one. A bad fork seal could leak oil onto your brake calipers, resulting in trouble decelerating and stopping the bike. That, plus poor shock absorption and an unbalanced ride makes a leaky fork seal dangerous to ride on.

Is it normal for fork seals to leak a little?

It’s common for the forks to leak a little. The longer it continues, the more risk of damaging the bike. Because of this, you should get the forks replaced as quickly as possible. Oil leaking from a fork seal is a sign of larger issues with the suspension.

Can you ride with leaky fork seals?

Is it hard to replace fork seals?

Replacing your fork seals is an easy enough job if you know a few tricks. The first step to any DIY job is to do a little research and get all the parts you’ll need for the job. You’ll at least need the new seals and fork oil but should also consider wipers, bushings and any seals or o-rings for the caps.

How long does it take to replace fork seals?

You’ll need to replace the seal and minimize your riding until you do. If you’re not careful, the oil could drip onto the caliper, rendering the brake useless. Set aside around two hours to replace the fork seals.

How do I change the fork seal on my Goldwing?

Torque to factory specifications for your year of Goldwing. Push the large washer on the fork down into the lower leg. Place the new fork seal into its recess in the top of the lower leg. Cut a 2 foot section of 1 1/2 inch PVC pipe.

How do you drain the oil from a Ford Gold Wings Fork?

If you haven’t yet drained your fluid, remove the 6 mm hex head plug and drain the forks into a suitable container, such as an oil drain pan. For the 1980-1987 Gold Wings, you’ll need a set of good strong snap ring pliers, preferably ones with a 90-degree angle, to remove the snap ring after you pry the dust boot up with a screwdriver.

How do you change the oil on a Honda Fork?

Coat the new seal with fork oil and press it in with a Honda fork seal driver or other suitable tool. Do not tap it in with hammer and punch. Install the seal stop ring and dust boot. Use a large medical syringe to inject 200 cc of SAE 15 fork oil into the drain hole near the bottom of the fork.

How much oil do you put in a GL1500 Fork seal?

Screw your home-made adapter into the drain plug and tilt the fork bottom end up while you inject 345 cc of fork oil into the fork. The GL1500 fork seal replacement is similar to the 1983 GL1100 models with the following exceptions: Earlier GL1500 models must be filled through the drain holes, because they have no air valves on the valve caps.