How do you fill out a California fingerprint card?

How do you fill out a California fingerprint card?

FD-258 Description When filling out your fingerprint ink card be sure to complete all the required fields, this includes your full name, date and place of birth, physical description, social security number, and mailing address.

How do I fill out a FD-258 form?

  1. GUIDE FOR COMPLETING YOUR FD-258 CARD. **Do not write on the card until you check with your fingerprinting location.
  2. 1 Name. Last, First, Middle.
  3. 2 Aliases Enter all former names/aliases.
  4. 3 ORI number.
  5. 4 Date of Birth.
  6. 6 Demographic information.
  7. 7 Place of Birth.
  8. 8 Social Security Number.

What does OCA mean on fingerprint card?

Originating Case Agency
The OCA number is a field for the requesting agency to use for internal needs. OCA stands for “Originating Case Agency”. Sometimes the Request For Live Scan Service Form may have this field listed as “Your Number” or “Facility Number”.

What are hard fingerprint cards?

What’s a Hard Card? A hard card is the FD-258 form used by law enforcement to capture non-criminal fingerprints. People who can’t capture electronic fingerprints can submit these forms for processing instead.

What do I put for citizenship on fingerprint?

7. Citizenship – Please enter the country of your citizenship. 8. Sex – Use M for Male and F for Female.

Can I print my own FD-258?

You may download an FD-258 (PDF) from our website and print it on standard paper. Card stock is not required.

Can I print FD-258 at home?

PrintScan FD-258 Card Printing Services Most locations have ink and live scan capabilities to provide you fingerprint cards. PrintScan captures your fingerprints on a live scan machine and prints out the card right in front of you to take home.

What does alias mean on live scan?

Alias: Indicate other names used (i.e., nickname, maiden name and/or alias name{s}). Date of Birth: Indicate month-day-year of birth.

What does alias mean on Live Scan form?

Name of Applicant: Enter your full name. Alias: Enter any other names you have used.

What is an indicator on a fingerprint card?

Indicate amputated fingers, tip-amputated, transplanted toes/fingers, missing at birth, deformed, bandaged, etc., in the appropriate finger block(s). NOTE: FBI APPROVED “RETABS” CAN BE APPLIED TO ALL FINGER BLOCKS ON A FINGERPRINT CARD IF NECESSARY, WITH A LIMIT OF TWO (2) “RETABS” PER BLOCK.

What happens if the required fields are left blank on fingerprints?

If any of the Required Fields are left blank, the card will be rejected without further processing unless there is a quoted FBI UCN number. Every effort should be made to enter the appropriate data in all fields (blocks) as shown on the fingerprint card.

What data can be entered on a fingerprint card?

Originating Agency Identifier (ORI) Number Date of Birth (DOB) Sex (SEX) Charge Fingerprint Impressions All data entered on fingerprint cards must be typewritten or legibly printed, utilizing black or blue ink and must not exceed the boundaries of the designated field (block). 2 DATA ENTERED ON CRIMINAL FINGERPRINT CARDS

What do the handhand symbols on the card mean?

hand symbols depict the direction the palmprints should be recorded on the card. 11. Recording Rolled Fingerprint Impressions Block It is very important that care be taken to roll the fingers from nail to nail when taking the individual finger impressions. This will help ensure legibility.