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How do you set up a Cobra radar detector?

How do you set up a Cobra radar detector?

The factory settings are: X, K, and Ka Band On. While no signal is being detected, press and hold both the Dim and Mute buttons for four seconds. While no signal is being detected, press and hold both the Mute and City buttons for four seconds.

How do you calibrate a Cobra radar detector?

Press and hold the “PROGRAM/MUTE” button for two (2) seconds. The detector will emit Three (3) beeps and PROGRAM will appear. Then brief programming instructions will scroll through the display three (3) times. Choose “RESTORE FACTORY SETTINGS”.

How do you unmute a Cobra radar detector?

To completely turn off incoming alerts while in auto mode, press and release mute button. In either mode the ne xt alarm will begin with normal volume. The ESD- 9850 will retain the chosen mode while OFF. Use this operation to turn off the audio alarm at any time.

How do I setup my Cobra radar 480i?

Connecting your Detector to your Smartphone via Bluetooth® Power on RAD 480i – Make sure the unit is connected to your car’s 12V port. In the iRadar app, the RAD 480i entry will display “Connected” when it has paired. Press the “Menu” button then “Home” to return to the Map screen. You’re all set!

What does P mean on a radar detector?

Pulse radar can be used from a moving vehicle as well as from a stationary position. Pulse radar guns transmit a burst of energy every two seconds. [Radar detectors with pulse warning]

What does l mean on police radar?

Laser/LIDAR. Police laser uses laser light pulses rather than radar radio waves for speed detection. The laser speed gun has found its way into the hands of state and local police in at least half the country. LIDAR (or lidar) is often used in place of “laser” when referring to traffic enforcement.

How do I connect my Cobra radar detector to my app?

In order to pair iRadar to your smartphone, go to the Bluetooth Settings Menu on your phone/tablet. For most devices this is found by pressing; Settings ▶ Bluetooth. Press Scan for Devices and/or wait for the Device list to populate and then select iRadar. Pairing can take up to 30 seconds.

What is speed mute on cobra?

Speed Mute The Speed Mute feature allows you to modify your alert tones when traveling below a specified speed (factory default is 20 mph; see Settings and Preferences for details). For all alerts received while traveling below the specified speed, Dual Pro 360 will sound a simple double-beep alert.

What is the Cobra dualpro 360° radar detector?

The Cobra DualPro 360° radar detector includes multi-directional detection with advanced accuracy and range – plus patented AutoLearn® technology to remember… The Cobra Road Scout offers an award-winning, innovative 2-in-1 driver alert solution. Designed to provide you with intelligent alerts so you can drive smart…

What is included in the Cobra line of products?

The Cobra line of quality products includes: X K Ka V SL This booklet describes the simple steps for mounting and setting up your detector. It also provides helpful information about how radar and laser guns are used and how you can interpret the alerts you receive. Controls, Indicators and Connections

Does the SPX 5300 14 band™ come close to a Cobra®?

SPX 5300 14 BAND™ ULTRA-HIGH PERFORMANCE DIGITAL RADAR/LASER DETECTOR NothingComes Close to a Cobra® Operating Instructions NothingComes Close to a Cobra®

What is the purpose of the Cobra safety alert?

It is only intended to alert the motorist that an emergency vehicle equipped with a Cobra Safety Alert transmitter is within range as defined by that product. Please call local fire and police departments to learn if coverage exists in your area.