How fast does a Barnett Quad 400 crossbow shoot?

How fast does a Barnett Quad 400 crossbow shoot?

This crossbow is a fast shot, slinging arrows at a whopping 345 fps with 106 ft. -lbs. of energy.

How long do Barnett crossbows last?

With proper maintenance of the string and the crossbow itself, the string should last a minimum of 100 shots, with several hundred shots not uncommon.

How far can a Barnett crossbow shoot?

If hitting a target is not a concern, a solid 300+ FPS crossbow, such as the Barnett Jackal or the Buck Commander can send an arrow well over 500 yards if you shoot up into the air; obviously at such a distance the arrow won’t have any juice left in it to achieve a clean pass through, not to mention it’s impossible to …

Can you shoot a crossbow without a cable slide?

It won’t hurt anything. You must replace the slide with something else before shooting again. There are a lot of good after market slides.

Are Barnett crossbows Made in USA?

Barnett is a leading name in the world of crossbows. All of their main lines crossbows are made in US, and they make both re-curve and compound models.

How long do crossbow bolts last?

Regular maintenance plays a major roll in the overall performance, accuracy, effectiveness and life of a crossbow. The owner’s manual that comes with every crossbow will be the best guide here, but under normal use cables and strings should be replaced every three years or so — sooner if needed.

Where can I buy the Barnett quad 400?

Amazon is the best place to purchase the Barnett Quad 400 online. They have free shipping and the price of the Quad 400 is almost always reduced from the $400 MSRP. I hope you enjoyed our Barnett Quad 400 review, let me know what you think in the comments below!

How fast does the Barnett quad 400 crossbow fire?

Review the Barnett Quad 400 specs below to learn more about this crossbow. The Quad 400 is named for its 4 (quad) arms that will send a bolt flying at an impressive 345 fps (feet per second) firing velocity. You will really be surprised by the speed and power that this bow has.

What is the draw weight of a Barnett crossbow?

This Barnett Crossbows Quad 400 with Scope Crossbow is designed to build the archer’s confidence by its pinpoint accuracy and power. The 37-inch high-performance length will comfortably handle personal draw length of 22 inches. Standard draw weight of 150 lbs deliver hours of shooting enjoyment.

What does the Barnett crossbow package include?

It has high-energy CNC cams along with a crosswire string and cable system. This Barnett crossbow package also comes with a quick-detach quiver and three 22″ arrows. A premium red dot sight is included to help improve accuracy in the field or out in the wild.