How long does it take to become a aircraft maintenance technician?

How long does it take to become a aircraft maintenance technician?

Attend aircraft mechanic school Typically, you can complete your training in two to four years if you enroll in an FAA approved aircraft mechanic’s school. Attending one of these schools qualifies you to take the FAA certification exams. Courses might begin periodically throughout the year, depending on the school.

Is BS aircraft maintenance Technology hard?

BS in Aircraft Maintenance Technology is fairly difficult. The course contains engineering and technical subjects which can be quite difficult to understand.

How is aircraft maintenance done?

Line checks happen the most frequently, as they cover basic inspection checks. Commonly, aviation maintenance technicians will inspect things like wheels, brakes, and fluid levels (oil, hydraulics) during line checks. Performing a line maintenance check ensures an aircraft is airworthy and safe to continue service.

How do you become a jet mechanic?

How to become an aircraft mechanic

  1. Earn a high school degree or GED.
  2. Select your specialty.
  3. Attend technical school.
  4. Complete on-the-job training.
  5. Study aircraft mechanic handbooks and codes.
  6. Pass FAA certification exams.
  7. Apply for jobs.
  8. Seek inspection authorization.

Is aircraft technician a good job?

Because A&P Mechanics are in such high demand and have such an important role in the aviation industry, they actually make really good money. According to, the average salary of an A&P Mechanic working on jets is $87,000 a year. The Return on Education (ROE) for A&P Mechanics is really high.

Do aircraft mechanics need a degree?

Most aircraft mechanics learn their skills at a professional-technical school. Training programs last two or four years and you earn an associate or bachelor’s degree. You also learn to use tools and equipment. To become a certified mechanic, you must study at a school certified by the FAA.

Can an aircraft maintenance be a pilot?

Do I recommend studying Aircraft Maintenance Technology: You can apply at any aviation company, from a mechanic. you can proceed being a pilot, and also you can be a ground instructor. Very interesting career and fulfiiling job if you are dedicated. Salary is very high especially if you apply abroad.

What is aircraft maintenance schedule?

A Maintenance Schedule contains details of what is to be maintained on an aircraft and how often. The details are those published by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) who may also be the Type Certificate Holder (TCH) of that product.