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How long does Sunday Night Slow Jams last?

How long does Sunday Night Slow Jams last?

You can listen to mega… More. They play Sunday night slow jams from 10:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. and then during the week they play slow jams Monday through Thursday from 10:00 p.m. to 12:00 midnight. Also let’s not all forget about your oral expressions and requests at 1877-209-0631.

Is Slowjamastan real?

Say hello to the world’s newest country: The Republic of Slowjamastan. Founded by Sunday Night Slow Jams host and creator, R Dub!, Slowjamastan is a real place, and we think you’re gonna like it here.

What time is Sunday night slow jams?

Listen Sunday nights starting at 9pm! Sunday Night Slow Jams features the hottest R&B love songs and specializes in playing tracks that take you back!

What station is R Dub?

Magic 92.5FM
Today R Dub! lives between residences in Tucson, Arizona; Recife, Brasil; and San Diego, California, where he can be heard weekday afternoons from 3PM to 8PM on Magic 92.5FM.

What station is Sunday Night Slow Jams With R Dub?

Today R Dub! is back in the states, living and working in San Diego, CA, where he is Program Director of radio stations Z90. 3 and Magic 92.5. His Sunday Nite Slow Jams still airs every Sunday night, in addition to a weeknight version, and can now be heard all across the country and around the world in over 50 cities.

What station is slow jams?

Sunday Night Slow Jams Radio Stations:

City & State Station Listen
Bakersfield, CA Groove 99.3 Listen
Baltimore, MD Mix 106.5 Listen
Barstow, CA 94.3 The Duck Listen
Beaumont, TX Magic 102.5 Listen

What’s considered a slow jam?

A slow jam is music with rhythm and blues and soul influences. Slow jams are commonly R&B ballads or downtempo songs, and are mostly soft-sounding with heavily emotional or romantic lyrical content.