How many bombs could the F-111 carry?

How many bombs could the F-111 carry?

two bombs
The F-111 could carry conventional as well as nuclear weapons. It could carry up to two bombs or additional fuel in the internal weapons bay. External ordnance included combinations of bombs, missiles and fuel tanks.

What replaced the F-111 in Australia?

Boeing F/A-18F Super Hornets
The F-111s were replaced by 24 Boeing F/A-18F Super Hornets pending delivery of F-35 Lightning IIs in development.

What is the best dog fighting jet?

SU – 35 and Su – 30 MKI (Indian) are the best fighter plane for dogfighting (Within Visual Range – WVR). Su-35 and su 30 mki are fighters which are developed from su 27 fighter aircraft’s technology. They are both mostly similar in their capabilities, although Su – 35 has a better radar and little better engine.

What happened to the Russian Su-24 plane?

Both crew members ejected safely. On 6 July 2015, a Russian Air Force Su-24 crashed outside of Khabarovsk in Russia’s Far East killing one out of two crew members. On 24 November 2015, a Russian Air Force Su-24 was shot down by a Turkish F-16 near the Turkey-Syria border.

When did the first Su-24M fly?

A Russian Su-24M in flight, 2009. The first production aircraft flew on 31 December 1971 with V.T. Vylomov at the controls, and on 4 February 1975, T-6 was formally accepted into service as the Su-24. About 1,400 Su-24s were produced.

What is the replacement for the Su-24?

The Su-24 is scheduled to be replaced in the long run (at least within the Russian Air Force) by Sukhoi’s Su-34 “Fullback” two-seat, twin engine, fixed-wing fighter bomber. The aircraft fulfills a similar role but sports a bevy of modern and advanced features that make the Su-24 wholly archaic in nature.

How many Su-24s are still in service in Ukraine?

Up to 12, ex- Belarusian Air Force Su-24s were transferred to Sudan Air Force in 2013. Ukraine Air Force have 120 Su-24s. Only 23 in service. On 19 December 2008, a Russian Air Force Su-24M crashed near the southwest Russian city of Voronezh.