How many Planechase sets are there?

How many Planechase sets are there?


Set Information
Set size 240 cards +40 plane cards (four 60+10-card theme decks)
Expansion code HOP (for the development codename)
Development codename Hopscotch
Planechase series

What year did Planechase come out?


Released September 4th, 2009
Size Four 60-card decks, 40 oversized Plane cards
Designers Brian Tinsman (lead), Aaron Forsythe, Peter Knudson, Kenneth Nagle
Developers Mike Turian (lead), Dave Guskin, Peter Knudson, Scott Larabee, Mark Purvis, Mark L. Gottlieb

What does planechase anthology include?

Planechase Anthology will contain the following: Four ready-to-play 60-card decks from Planechase (2012 Edition), each with eight rare cards. 86 oversized Planar cards, four slide deck boxes, oversize slide deck box, 35 double-sided token cards, special edition planar die, four spindown life counters, strategy insert.

How many Planechase planar cards are there?

40 plane cards
Set details The 40 plane cards from Planechase.

How many planes are in a Magic The Gathering card?

How many are there total? There are 78 distinct plane cards and 8 distinct phenomenon cards, for a total of 86 distinct plane and phenomenon cards.

How many plane cards are there MTG?

You can customize the 60-card decks or swap them out for different decks entirely. But you can also customize your planar deck with any (or all!) of the 40 planes among the four game packs. There are only two rules about your planar deck’s composition: Your planar deck must have at least ten cards in it.

Is fractured Powerstone legal in Commander?

Nope. Planar die is only available in planechase games, in other games, the ability does nothing.

What is planechase EDH?

Planechase is an official game variant that acts as an expansion or augmentation to existing formats, adding new mechanics, new rules, and new aspects of gameplay. In it, each player has a deck of 10 oversized Plane and/or Phenomenon cards, which is known as the Planar Deck. This deck is kept in The Command Zone.

How do planes work in MTG?

Plane cards are Magic cards, and the text on them follows most of the rules you’re familiar with. As long as a plane card is face up in the command zone, its abilities affect the game. They’re never put onto the battlefield, and they’re not permanents, so nothing can destroy or otherwise affect them.

Are MTG planes planets?

A plane, as the wiki describes it is “a self-contained world or universe of any size found within the multiverse.” Planes are not necessarily planets, though many of them are spherical like the celestial bodies you refer to as planets. Some are flat and others are crazier shapes altogether (think the shards of Alara).

How does planechase work MTG?

Planechase games have an inherent triggered ability known as the “planeswalking ability.” The full text of this ability is “Whenever you roll {PW}, planeswalk.” (See rule 701.24, “Planeswalk.”) This ability has no source and is controlled by the player whose planar die roll caused it to trigger.