How much does a Quest Kodiak cost?

How much does a Quest Kodiak cost?

Quest Kodiak 100 Series II
Price typically equipped $2.36 million
Engine Pratt & Whitney PT6A-34, 750 hp
Propeller Hartzell, aluminum four-blade, 96 in.
Seats Up to 10

How much is a pilot training simulator?

The Most Advanced: Full Flight Simulators (FFS) At the opposite end of the spectrum are the highly customized FAA Level B-D Full Flight Simulators (FFS), which typically cost between $5 and $15 million.

How fast does a Kodiak fly?

211 mph
Quest Kodiak/Top speed

Where is Quest Kodiak built?

Sandpoint, Idaho
The Quest Aircraft Company was an American aircraft manufacturer located in Sandpoint, Idaho. Quest was started in 2001 to design and provide aircraft suitable for humanitarian applications. Its sole product was the Kodiak single engine short takeoff and landing (STOL) aircraft.

Is Flight Simulator good for pilot training?

A PC flight simulator can be a great training device for practicing procedures, checklists, emergencies, and pre-flying routes for students and novice pilots. However, PC simulators are unable to replicate the motion, feel, turbulence, and handling which can only be accomplished in a real aircraft.

How much is a Kodiak 100?

Options installed on KODIAK S/N 253

Kodiak Series II Standard Equipped Aircraft (Series II Paint Scheme allover white with black and silver stripes) $2,150,000
10 place oxygen system $10,000
Bose A20 Headset (Passenger) (x2) $2,190
Air Conditioning $42,500

What is Kodiak business aviation?

Business aviation has discovered an economical alternative to expensive jet service to intra-state destinations. Farmers, ranchers and rural estate owners use the Kodiak as their get in, get out transportation choice. Companies with far-flung service areas use the Kodiak as their alternative to time-consuming road trips.

Is the Quest Quest Kodiak pressurized?

Quest has been successful in making the interior sleek yet functional. For example, the access panel for the oxygen tank is attached with magnets, making it easy to remove for service. The Kodiak is not pressurized, and aft cabin oxygen ports are optional (they are included in the Summit interior).

What is the Quest Kodiak 100 Series II?

While the piston-powered 207 is a terrific platform, we arrived in a much more modern bush plane with far superior performance and comfort — the Quest Kodiak 100 Series II. The Kodiak is a single-engine turboprop designed for unimproved airstrips like Mineral Canyon.

What is it like to fly in a Kodiak?

The latch for both the front door and the cargo hatch are incredibly smooth (top); switches, levers and buttons in the Kodiak are as robust as the airplane itself. Jeff Berlin The airplane was a joy to fly at any speed.