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How much does a Western Star 4900 cost?

How much does a Western Star 4900 cost?

The cheapest 4900 we found is a 2016 model for $39k….Here are the average new and used prices of the most popular Western Star Semi Truck models:

Western Star 49X $240k $90k
Western Star 4700 $240k $80k

Is Western Star discontinuing the 4900?

The new Western Star 49X is lighter-weight, more durable, and safer than the popular 4900, which will continue to be offered alongside the 49X. The launch of the Western Star 49X marks the first new truck brought to market under a recently restructured Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA).

What is the Best Western Star truck?

Western Star 49X — The most advanced vocational truck we’ve ever built. Introducing what isn’t just the best truck we’ve ever built, but what might be the best truck anyone has ever built.

How much does a Western Star 4900 weight?

2718 lbs

Horsepower 400-505 hp
Stroke 6.42 in. (163 mm)
Weight 2718 lbs (dry)
Electronics DDEC
Oil Capacity 45.5 qt. (43 L)

Is Western Star better than Peterbilt?

Western Star is easier to work on. I haul 134,000 lbs and it’s more stable than KW or Peterbilt. Don’t let anyone tell you that KW and Peterbilt are the best. I have driven all the different brands out there over 41 years and at the end of the day I feel better and not as tired in a Western Star.

What is the biggest Western Star truck?

6900 XD
“The new Twin-Steer 6900 XD is the largest truck Western Star has ever built,” said Cary Gatzke, Director of Engineering, Western Star Trucks. “With our highest GVW rating and a weight capacity of up to 70 tons, this truck was built for hauling bulky oilfield equipment, or other large objects, from job to job.”

Are Western Star Trucks heavy?

Western Star is the heavy-duty brand of the Daimler Trucks North America family. Some of the features that make Western Star® trucks unique are severe-duty cabs, lightweight sleepers and fuel-efficient Detroit™ powertrain options.

What kind of engine does a Western Star 4900 ex have?

Look no further than the 4900 EX, the flagship of the Western Star brand and the ultimate premium long-nose Owner-Operator truck — period. Owner-Operators can spec an engine up to 600 hp with two engine choices to power their 4900 EX: Detroit Diesel and Cummins.

What are the dimensions of a 4900ex?

2007 Western Star 4900EX 1,564,076 Km Detroit DDC60 14.0L 18 Speed Manual 3.91 Ratio 244” Wheelbase 13,220 Lbs. x 46,000 Lbs. 300 Fuel Tank Capacity 11R 24.5 Heavy Spec Thank you for… See More Details

What are the specs of a 2021 Western Star 49x?

2021 WESTERN STAR 49X, Green Metallic, Detroit DD16 600HP, Detroit DT12 Transmission, Ratio 3.58, 247″Wheelbase, Air Ride Suspension, 20000# Front Axle, 46000# Rear Axle, Aluminum Wheels, 13200# Pu… See More Details

What kind of engine does a 2012 Western Star have?

2012 Western Star with a 50 Ton B & B Wrecker Body SN 118020811 Truck has 185,000 miles on odometer. Truck is 100% CARB compliant, DD15 550 HP, 18 speed, Full Lockers both rear drive axles,7/8 cab… See More Details BEAUTIFUL, GENTLY USED CLASSIC STYLED WESTERN STAR 4900EX.