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How much does an XRF spectrometer cost?

How much does an XRF spectrometer cost?

Purchasing a new handheld XRF analyzer can cost anywhere between $15,000-$40,000.

What is XRF analysis used for?

XRF (X-ray fluorescence) is a non-destructive analytical technique used to determine the elemental composition of materials. XRF analyzers determine the chemistry of a sample by measuring the fluorescent (or secondary) X-ray emitted from a sample when it is excited by a primary X-ray source.

What is an XRF gun?

XRF (X-ray fluorescence) is an innovative, non-destructive technology for material analysis. An X-ray gun sees sample contents by using an X-ray source to measure the secondary ways (fluorescent) the sample emits. Such an analysis is clear and fast.

How much does it cost to rent an XRF gun?

Browse XRF Analyzers

Min Average
Daily Rental Rate $350 $645
Weekly Rental Rate $1500 $2364
Monthly Rental Rate $3750 $6402
Purchase Price $13,990 $26,450

What is Edxrf spectrometer?

Energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) spectrometry is a nondestructive, rapid, multielement, highly accurate, and environment friendly analysis compared with other elemental detection methods. A fluorescence spectrum analytical method is then developed to obtain the category and content of elements in a sample.

Can XRF detect hydrogen?

What can’t you measure with XRF? The elements that are the lightest on the periodic table (below magnesium—for example, hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and sodium) have X-rays that are too weak to travel back to the detector and get counted.

How accurate is an XRF gun?

As a rule of thumb the accuracy “out of the box” given by the difference between XRF value and assay can be as good as 0.2 to 0.5% for gold in jewelry, whereas the accuracy out of the box for minerals can be within 20% of the lab assay or even more if the sample is not homogeneous enough.

Can you rent an XRF machine?

On average, you can rent a XRF Analyzer for $645/day, $2364/week, $6402/month .

What are the features of a low cost spectrometer?

Low Cost Spectrometer Features Optical resolution: see model Detector type: CCD 2048 pixels Detector range: 350-1150nm Pixel size: 14 x 200um (CCD) Diffraction Gratings: Holographic & Ruled

How much does a Green Wave spectrophotometer cost?

Colorimetry and Optical Metrology are also common applications for this spectrometer. The small size and weight makes the GREEN-Wave low cost spectrometers just perfect for portable applications. GREEN-Wave Base Price – $ 1,948.00 CCD Detectors – Typical Response Predicted Slit Resolving Resolutions

How much does spectspectrawiz cost?

SpectraWiz Program, WinSDK (C,C#,VB, Delphi), Customizable LabVIEW, VBA for Excel (CRI & LED Report) GREEN-Wave Base Price – $1,948.00   CCD Detectors – Typical Response   Predicted Slit Resolving Resolutions

What are stellarnet Green-Wave low cost spectrometers?

The StellarNet GREEN-Wave low cost Spectrometers are fiber optic coupled instruments with a wide selection of models for  measurements in 350-1150nm wavelength ranges. (813) [email protected]