How much does LusterStone cost?

How much does LusterStone cost?


LusterStone Tinting Base Gallon $92.18 LusterStone Tinting Base Gallon Qty:
LusterStone Weathered Bronze Quart $35.30 LusterStone Weathered Bronze Quart Qty:
LusterStone Weathered Bronze Gallon $113.65 LusterStone Weathered Bronze Gallon Qty:

What is Luster stone?

LusterStone® is a low luster metallic plaster. The very act of application does the decorative work for you, forming soft metallic plaster high and low effects and reflective patterns. No burnishing is required! LusterStone® metallic plasters are available in many stunning metallic designer colors.

How do you apply LusterStone?

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  1. LusterStone® Basic Application.
  2. Apply 2 coats of SetCoat®.
  3. Using a ¼” sponge/nap roller, apply an even smooth coat of LusterStone®,
  4. moving the roller in a random pattern.
  5. For the second pass, dab a workable amount of LusterStone® onto a.
  6. stainless steel trowel in a random pattern.

How long does luster stone last?

Color Options

Approved Application Area Walls, Ceilings, Cabinets (Pre-Finished)
Manufacturer Faux Effects International
Product Line Silver Line
Sheen (Finish) Metallic (Shimmer)
Shelf Life 1 -2 Years

What is the Lustre of a diamond?

adamantine lustre
Diamond’s unique optical and physical properties give it the highest possible lustre of any transparent gemstone. This is called adamantine lustre after the Greek word Adamas meaning diamond-like.

Why do diamonds have luster?

Diamond serves as the birthstone for the month of April. Diamonds have a very bright luster – the highest non-metallic luster – known as “adamantine.” Their high luster gives them the ability to reflect a high percentage of the light that strikes their surface.

What is metallic plaster?

Metallic Plaster (PSMP) A pre-colored, trowel applied, architectural coating that emits a symphonic blend of shimmer, luster, elegance and environmental friendliness.

Is Pebble paving expensive?

How expensive is it? Pebble Paving installed in any color, including labor and materials, costs less than pavers, concrete, tile or flagstone installed by licensed contractors. Often MUCH less.

How long does pebble paving last?

The answer is that they are designed to last forever. Of course, they can be cracked or chipped if extreme force is applied to them, but under normal or even heavy use they will hold up and resist breakage.

What luster is gold?


Physical Properties of Gold
Chemical Classification Native element
Streak Golden, yellow.
Luster Metallic, without tarnish.
Diaphaneity Opaque

What is lusterstone plaster?

LusterStone® is a low luster metallic plaster. Easily applied by trowel, LusterStone® is unsurpassed in its dimensional, beautiful decorative results. The very act of application does the decorative work for you, forming soft metallic plaster high and low effects and reflective patterns.

How do I apply lusterstone®?

LusterStone® may be thinned up to 10% with water for this step. Once the material has dried for at least 2 hours, lightly sand and then reapply the LusterStone® to any missed spots or areas of low coverage. If a higher shine is desired, fine sanding and repeated thin wet coats of LusterStone® can be applied.

Does lusterstone need to be waterproofed?

Our stone flooring & paving company in Omaha, Nebraska believes in waterproofing all installations with epoxies and urethane sealants. We design the water to run “off” and not undermine the concrete base. In some situations, mud jacking or even replacing damaged concrete must be done before we install Lusterstone.

How long does it take for lusterstone to dry?

Allow the LusterStone® to dry for a minimum of 2 hours, then sand lightly with 220 grit sandpaper. For the second coat, apply LusterStone® to a flexible plastic or metal trowel.