How much is Michael Acton Smith worth?

How much is Michael Acton Smith worth?

Michael Acton Smith’s ‘Completely Bonkers’ Journey to Founding Calm, a Wellness App With a $1 Billion Valuation.

Is Michael Acton Smith related to Anna Acton?

Entrepreneurial promise Michael’s younger sister Anna says there were early signs of his future path: “We’d go to car boot sales and sell things. He’d always put an interesting spin on something he was trying to sell somebody. “He was always very confident on that front – always entrepreneurial.”

Who is the CEO of Calm?

Alex Tew (2012–)
Michael Acton Smith (2012–)

What school did Michael Acton Smith go to?

University of Birmingham
Michael Acton Smith/Education
He is also the creator of Moshi Monsters. Michael Acton Smith is a San Francisco-based entrepreneur and businessman who has been launching businesses for over 20 years. He works in the technology, music, and gaming industries. Acton Smith was born in Marlow, England and attended the University of Birmingham.

Who invested in Calm app?

Digital meditation app Calm landed a $75 million in Series C funding, pushing up the company’s valuation to $2 billion. Lightspeed Venture Partners led the round with participation from TPG, Insight Venture Partners, Marc Benioff and funds managed by Goldman Sachs Asset Management.

Where does Michael Acton Smith live?

Calm app co-founder Michael Acton Smith’s mindful London home.

What is Calm’s business model?

Quite similar to several other apps within the mindfulness landscape, Calm follows a Freemium business model, in which users can download the application and explore its basic features for free – yet, they will have to pay for the advanced features.

Does Lebron own Calm?

The agency, which is co-run by James and longtime friend Maverick Carter, recently inked a private equity deal that values it at $750 million.

Who is founder of Calm?

Michael Acton Smith
Alex Tew

Calm was founded on May 4, 2012 by Michael Acton Smith and Alex Tew. Tamara Levitt became the Head of Mindfulness in November 2014 and is one of the app’s primary narrators. The company generated $22 million in revenue in 2017 and reached an annual revenue run rate of $75 million.

How much did Moshi Monsters make?

From 2015 onwards, the decline of Moshi Monsters and the site’s creator Mind Candy continued. The peak of Moshi Monsters’ popularity was in 2012 at £46.9m, and it continued to decline. In 2018, total revenues were £5.2m, compared with £13.2m in 2014.

How many meditations does Calm have?

100 meditations
If you have some experience with meditation and want less-structured options, or you enjoy discovering new music or natural soundscapes to meditate to on your own, you might prefer Calm (iOS, Android). Like Headspace, Calm has a library of over 100 meditations, courses, and lectures.

Who is Michael Acton Smith?

(June 2018) ( Learn how and when to remove this template message) Michael Acton Smith OBE (born 1974) is the current co-CEO and co-Founder of Calm, a meditation space company. He is also the founder of Firebox.com, and founder and chairman of children’s entertainment company Mind Candy – the creators of Moshi Monsters.

What happened to Michael Acton Smith’s business idea?

But unfortunately, and despite bagging 7 million in funding, Michael found the concept to be commercially unviable, expensive and overcomplicated. It was the most creative business he’d ever been involved with–and the most financially disastrous. “It was completely bonkers,” Acton Smith said.

Does Michael Acton Smith still use pen and paper?

“It was completely bonkers,” Acton Smith said. For all his tech chops in interviews, Michael has said that he still believes that one of the best technologies is pen and paper and does not go anywhere without these humble tools. “I carried them with me everywhere [after the dotcom crash].”