How much is the fare from Dumaguete to Cebu?

How much is the fare from Dumaguete to Cebu?

The quickest way to get from Dumaguete to Cebu City is to fly which costs ₱1,200 – ₱14,000 and takes 1h 25m.

Which pier in Cebu goes to Dumaguete?

Cebu City Pier 1
Cokaliong has trips every week from Cebu City to Dumaguete City and vice versa. The ports for this route are the Cebu City Pier 1 and the Dumaguete City Port.

How much is the ferry from Cebu to Dumaguete?

The cheapest way to get to Dumaguete from Cebu is via bus and ferry which costs PHP 190 to 290 and takes approximately 5 hours.

How do I get from Cebu to Dumaguete?

Direct fast craft (OceanJet) from Cebu to Dumaguete City, travel time is about 4 hours. Ceres bus from Southbound Bus Terminal to Dumaguete, travel time is about 5 hours. Overnight trip on a slow boat/ferry from Cebu to Dumaguete.

Is Dumaguete Philippines safe?

Dumaguete is one of the safest cities in the Philippines. It is known as the “City of Gentle People,” with a crime rate lower than other cities in the region. Dumaguete is also generally safe from typhoons. However, there are still risks of scams, motor accidents, theft, and assault if you’re not careful.

Is Dumaguete part of Cebu?

Dumaguete City is the capital, seat of government and most populous city of the province. With a population of 1,432,990 inhabitants, it is the second most-populous province in Central Visayas after Cebu, the fifth most-populous province in the Visayas and the 19th most-populous province of the Philippines.

How do I get from Cebu to Dumaguete by bus?

Going to Dumaguete from Cebu or the other way around is quite easy. Just hop on a Ceres Bus at the Cebu South Terminal and after around 6 hours, you should be in Dumaguete City.

What time does Cebu South Bus Terminal open?

The terminal is open 24/7. You can head here directly after your flight to catch the next available bus to your destination. Even on holidays, the Cebu South Bus Terminal is fully operational.